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Project History Project State Change History Projects History Project Stages History Project Task History Project Status History Change Stage History Stage Analysis Odoo

Project Stage Change History
Softhealer Technologies

Count Total Timesheet Display Total Timesheet Hours Total Project Hours Project Total Hours Task Total Hours Track Timer Time Spend On Project Time Spend On Task Manage Timesheet Hours Odoo

Total Timesheet Hours
Softhealer Technologies

Project Analysis based on total tasks and total hours logged for its subprojects and task of subproject, Print report for Total tasks of the project, Subproject, Child projects. Pivot report for Project Analysis, Project management, Project Summary Report, Project Planning, Timehseet, Activity report, Project Activity report, Project Analytics, Project Subproject Analysis, Project Task Analysis, Project Subproject Report, Subproject Task Report, Subproject Timesheet Report, Timesheet Analysis, project hierarchy, Project details, Child of child tasks and Timesheet entries, Project Sub-Project Management, Parent-child projects, Project SubProject, Parent child projects, Parent project child projects, Sub projects hierarchy, Sub-projects hierarchy, Project Subproject hierarchy, projects hierarchy, project hierarchy, Parent projects child-projects Parent Project Subprojects, Parent Project Sub-Projects, task sub task manegement,

Project Analysis
Omax Informatics

Sync Asana Users,Projects,Task into odoo With one click

Odoo Asana Connector

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