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odoo app allow to generate purchase advance payment (Fixed/percentage) On purchase order

Purchase Advance Payment
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
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Dynamic, Customizable and flexible approval cycle for purchase orders | purchase approval | PO approval process | purchase order approval cycle | purchase order approval process | purchase order approval workflow | approve purchase order | approve PO

PO Flexible Approval Process
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Manage Multiple RFQs Module, Vendor Change RFQ Price App, Manage Request For Quotation Price, Request For Quote Update Price, Automatic Backend Price Change Odoo, Client Change RFQ Price ,Supplier Change Quotation Price Odoo.

Request For Quotation-Portal
Softhealer Technologies
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odoo App will show Partial Shipment,Partial Invoice, shipped, Invocied Status on Purchase Order | purchase invoice status | purchase shipment status | purchase vendor bill status | partial shipment status | partial invoice status | purchase order status | purchase status | quotation status | Partial Ship Status | Shipped | Partial Invoice Purchase | Invoiced Purchase | Purchase shipment status

Purchase Order Status
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
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show product cost history app, product purchase record module, product cost price history, show product past record odoo

Product Cost Price History
Softhealer Technologies
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Allows users to evaluate their vendors and store results

Vendor Evaluation
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Manage Multiple Tenders, Multiple Tender Single List Module, Multiple Tenders Request For Quotation Manage, Same Partner Tender Management App, Purchase Tender Management, PO Tender Management Odoo.

Purchase Tender Management
Softhealer Technologies
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The module allows you to set discount in fixed/percent basis for purchase orders and order lines separately. The total discount in an order is sum of global discount and order line discount.

Discount On Purchase Order
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
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Dynamic Purchase Order Approval,Dynamic Purchase Approval,Purchase Multi Approval,Purchase Order Multiple Approval, Purchase Order Double Approval,RFQ Dynamic Approval,PO Dynamic Approval,PO Multi Approval,RFQ Multi Approval Odoo

Purchase Dynamic Approval | Purchase Order Dynamic Approval | Request For Quotation Dynamic Approval | Dynamic Purchase Approval | Purchase Approval Process | Purchase Order Approval Process
Softhealer Technologies
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Purchases Order Revision, PO Revision,RFQ Revision,Request For Quotation Revisions,Purchase Quote Revision,Revision History,Revise Purchase Order, Revision Request For Quotation,Revision Order Of Purchase,Generate Revision Order Odoo

Purchase Order Revision
Softhealer Technologies
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Cancel Purchase Orders, Cancel Purchase Order, Cancel PO,Purchase Order Cancel, Purchase Orders Cancel, Cancel RFQ, Cancel Request For Quotation,Purchase Cancel, Cancel RFQs, Delete Purchase Order,Delete PO,Delete RFQ, Remove Purchase Odoo

Cancel Purchase Orders | Cancel PO
Softhealer Technologies
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Show Purchase Terms And Condition App, Create Request For Quotation Terms And Condition Module, Set PO Terms And Condition, Purchase Order Terms & Condition, RFQ Terms & Condition Odoo

Purchase Terms & Conditions
Softhealer Technologies
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Purchase Order Discount,Purchases Discount,Purchase Line Discount,Purchase Order Line Discount,Discount On Purchase Line,Discount On Purchase Order Lines, fixed discount,fix discount,Purchase Product Discount Odoo

Purchase Discount
Softhealer Technologies
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Purchase Order Tag Module, PO Tags App, RFQ Tag, Request For Quotation Tags, Request For Quote Tags, Purchases Order Tags, Purchase Tags, Purchase Tag Odoo

Purchase Order Tags | Request For Quotation Tags
Softhealer Technologies
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Easy to Import multiple purchase order with multiple purchase order lines on Odoo by Using CSV/XLS file

Import Purchase Order from Excel or CSV File in odoo
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Select purchase orders and compare their product prices

Purchase Price Comparison
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Purchase Quotation Different Number, different number on Purchase ,Quotation Different Number, Purchase number, Qutation Number, Purchase qutation Different Number, Purchase uniq number, Qutation Uniq Number, Purchase Sequence, Qutation Sequence Purchase Quotation Different Number

Purchase Quotation Different Number
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
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Digital signature purchase order,Digital sign RFQ, purchase order Digital Signature, request for quotation Digital Signature, RFQ Digital Signature, PO Digital Signature Odoo

Purchase Order Digital Signature | Digital Signature Purchase
Softhealer Technologies
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Partner Document Management, Customer Document Management, Client Document Management, DMS, Vendor Document Management, Contacts Document Management, Purchase, Vendor, Supply, Supplier, SCM, Partner Passport, Partner Certificate, Attachment, Partner ID

Partner Documents Managements
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Trace the sale order in purchase and manufacturing order. Merge all raw we need of one sale order, into one purchase agreement. Auto Set vendor and quick create PO in Purchase Agreement. Purchase bid solution.

MRP Supply Chain Trace, All in one SCM
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