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Get Diverse Templates For Sales Order/Quotation One Go!

Clever Multiple Sales Order/Quotation Templates
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Order Quantity Based Tiered Pricing for Products

Product Tiered Pricing
16 | 3

Allows to manage customer specific product code and product name

Product Customer Code
ErpMstar Solutions
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Sale order delivery by date on sale order line Delivery date on order line Sale Order Line Delivery Time controlling Group by Delivery order based on delivery date on sale product delivery date on sales delivery by date sales order delivery by date

Sale Delivery by Date in Odoo
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salesperson specific customer, vendor see particular customer, special customer module odoo, seller get particular client

Salesperson Own Customers
Softhealer Technologies
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Apps for sale confirmation backdate sale confirm backdate sales order confirm backdate sale order back-date sale order confirm backdate sales confirm backdate on sales order confirmation sale confirmation backdate sale confirm back date sales back date

Sale Order Confirmation Backdate
Edge Technologies
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count sale order paid amount, count so due amount module, track billed amount app, total paid amount percentage, sales payment details odoo

Sale Order Invoiced Details
Softhealer Technologies
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cancel stock picking reverse stock picking cancel sale order cancel purchase order delivery order cancel inventory adjustment cancel cancel sales cancel stock move cancel all orders cancel invoice cancel picking cancel inventory reset all orders reverse

All in one Cancel Sales,Purchase,Picking,Invoice and Inventory in Odoo
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Sale status Report invoice status Sale Order Status Invoicing Status Sale Order Delivery status sale order Invoicing status Sale Delivery status sale Invoice status of sale order Invoice Status on Sale Order Delivery status on Sale Order status of shipment

Delivery and Invoice Status in Sale Order
Edge Technologies
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Help desk

Bureaucrat Helpdesk
Center of Research and Development
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Auto set multi level sale commission and auto calculate commission amount. Sales Commission by Sales person/Sales Team/Parent Leader, to Internal Users or External Partners like Agent.

Sales Commission Multi Level for agent, customer, Internal Users.
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The tool to search, select and update product templates in batch

Product Management Interface
Odoo Tools
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Send Estimation to your Customers for materials, labour, overheads details in job estimation.

Estimation for Jobs - Material / Labour / Overheads
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
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Always show if the Sales Order has been paid before dispatching a delivery

Show Payment Status On Delivery Note
Optima ICT Services LTD
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Website RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) provides an easy interface to manage return or replacement order directly from the website portal

Website RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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sale order product filter app, so product search module, quotations product select odoo, manage sale order product

Advance Product Search and Selection in sale order
Softhealer Technologies
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This module allow you to create customer invoice directly from Job Cost Sheet.

Customer Invoice from Job Cost Sheet
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
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Build, deploy and store web forms for Helpdesk (portal) Tickets Helpdesk
Nova Code
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Integrate Sales Team Advanced with CRM

CRM - Sales Teams Advanced
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
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The tool to make sure a sale order is ready for the next stage

Sale Order Approval Check Lists
Odoo Tools
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