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All in one Product Bundle Pack(Sale/POS/Website/Purchase) in Odoo
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Allows to use discount coupons in sales orders

Sales Coupons
Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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Always show if the Sales Order has been paid before dispatching a delivery

Show Payment Status On Delivery Note
Optima ICT Services LTD
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Customer loan management supplier loan management partner loan Installments vender loan management vendor credit loan Interest for loan Installment customer loan Portal Loan Processing Fee Approve Loan Request customer Disburse loan emi for customer emi

Loan Management for Customer and Supplier
Edge Technologies
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Website RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) provides an easy interface to manage return or replacement order directly from the website portal

Website RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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Integrate Sales Team Advanced with CRM

CRM - Sales Teams Advanced
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
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Multiple Branch Management CRM Multi Branch Crm app CRM Multiple Unit Operating unit desk branch customer relationship service system branch CRM Lead branch CRM Sales branch service for single company with Multi Branches multi company

Multiple Branch Unit Operation Setup for CRM
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Margin calculation on sales and invoice margin analysis report sales margin product margin invoice margin invoice report margin by percentage margin in invoice margin fix amount margin in SO margin in bill margin in vendor bill margin supplier invoice

Margin on Product, Sales, Invoices With Margin Analysis
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sales recurring orders app, repeat order recurring module, generate monthly recurring, weekly regular order recurring, manually recurring order odoo

Sale Order Recurring
Softhealer Technologies
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The tool to make sure required jobs are carefully done on this pipeline stage

CRM Check List and Approval Process
Odoo Tools
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Show Sales Lines, Display Sale Order Lines Module, Add Filter In Quotation Lines, Group By SO Lines, Show Quotation Lines, Display Sale Order Lines Odoo

Sale Order Line Views
Softhealer Technologies
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Allows full or partial payments from sales and this payment is linked with sales invoice in time of payment

Sale Register Payment
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This module helps you to import Sales Order/Quotations

Import Sales Order
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Sale order delivery by date on sale order line Delivery date on order line Sale Order Line Delivery Time controlling Group by Delivery order based on delivery date on sale product delivery date on sales delivery by date sales order delivery by date

Sale Delivery by Date in Odoo
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count sale order paid amount, count so due amount module, track billed amount app, total paid amount percentage, sales payment details odoo

Sale Order Invoiced Details
Softhealer Technologies
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These dashboards make it easy for people in various sales and marketing roles to gauge the state of campaigns, leads, and opportunities for their organization, teams, or themselves.

CRM Dashboard for Marketing Executive
Zadsolutions , Ahmed Hefni
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Section Subtotal
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd
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Apps useful for products brand on product variant brands product brands on variant product template brand category product Brand on category product category brands feature with website product brands on sales shop product brand webshop product brand

Product Brand in Odoo
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Customer Sale discount customer invoice discount customer based discount on sales percentage based discount fixed discount on sale order sale invoice discount customer based discount on invoice All in one Discount vendor based discount on vendor bills

Customer Based Discount on Sales and Invoice
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odoo apps will manage document on CRM LEAD/Pipeline/Opportunity

CRM Lead Document Management
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
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