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Print Sale Order Report By Product Category

Sale Order Report By Product Category
iPredict IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
9.00 €

Fetching last order price in Sales order and Purchase order.

Sale Order and Purchase Order Last/Previous Order Price
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
9.00 €

Sales order and Purchase Order History (Last 10 Orders)

Sale and Purchase Order History
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
9.00 €

Perform various operations like Create warranty, renew Warranty, update product warranty, Warranty status & and much more.

Product Warranty Management
Vraja Technologies
49.00 €

Subscription Management.

Subscription Management in Odoo
Edge Technologies
25.00 €

This app helps user to confirm sale/purchase order in one click, sale/purchase order confirm, validate picking, create invoice/bill in one click, also refund order, and print invoice/bill with single click.

Sale Purchase Auto Workflow with Single Click
Edge Technologies
68.00 €

Quote -> Sale, Sale -> DoneRFI -> Purchase, Purchase -> Done In Batch

Sale Operations In Batch
Nikunj Dhameliya

Cancel multiple sale orders

Cancel Multiple Sale Orders

Read-only Unit Price in Sale Order Line & Invoice lines

Read-only Unit Price
iPredict IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
10.00 €

Real Estate Contract with Statbel Indexing.

Real Estate Contract - Statbel Indexing
1107.00 €

Real Estate Contract Management.

Real Estate Contract Management
1048.00 €

This app helps to know the status of the sale delivery and invoice.

Delivery and Invoice Status in Sale Order
Edge Technologies
8.00 €

Mass Cancel Sales Order

Mass Cancel Sales Order
iPredict IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Combined report for Sales Order, Delivery Slip and Invoice in a single click

Combined Sales Report
Steigend IT Solutions
25.00 €
Sale Automatic Workflow - Payment Mode
Camptocamp , Sodexis ,

Odoo app allow to Cancel Sale/Purchase Individual Lines

Cancel Sale/Purchase Order Lines
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
89.00 €

merge your existing sales order which are in Draft/Sent Stage Orders

Merge Sale Orders
iPredict IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
18.00 €

stock, rental

Stock Rental
Instantė , UAB
129.00 €

Apply Multiple promotions in sale order

Sale Coupon Multi Promotion (Enterprise)
Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
25.00 €

Provide Promotion by promotion Category wise

Sale Coupon Promotion Category (Enterprise)
Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
35.00 €