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Auto set multi level sale commission and auto calculate commission amount. Sales Commission by Sales person/Sales Team/Parent Leader, to Internal Users or External Partners like Agent.

Sales Commission Multi Level for agent, customer, Internal Users.
146.00 €

Advance of a module by Alphasoft

Sale Stock Policy
75.00 €

Stock Split Allocation from Picking Operation

Stock Allocation
55.00 €

Different sequence number for sale quotations. Quotation: SQ20190830/001 Sale Order: SO20190902/003

Sale Quotation Number
38.00 €

Customize set address every sale order and sale report. Easy delivery address customize and change. Easy invoice address customize and change. Dynamic show delivery or invoice address or contact detail for certain customer.

Dynamic Delivery Invoice Address for Sale Order
38.00 €

Regular SO line sequence to invoices and stock picking. sale order line number. Displays and print the sequence of Sale order line and helps to maintain the order.

App Sale Order Line Sequence, Line Number
76.00 €

Add Product sku weight in Sale Order, product weight, sale weight, sale order weight, total weight, kg kg(s) lb lb(s) support

Weight in Sales Order
38.00 €

Product Variant Extra Price will help you to edit sale price for each product variant .

Product Variant Extra Price
Ksolves India Pvt. Ltd.
29.00 €

This module is automatically fetch lot number in inventory from sale order line

Sale Order Lot Selection(Community & Enterprise)
5.00 €

This module is automatically fetch lot number in SO and in Delivery order

Sale Order auto Lot Selection
5.00 €

Sales order multi lots selection

Sales order multi lots selection
5.00 €

Using this module you can select multiple lot in sale order line and you can only select lot number if product lot number is avaialble with Lot quantity

Sales order multi lots selection with available product quantity and restirct nonstockable product
5.00 €

Customer credit limit warning agaist account receivable amount

Customer Credit Warning on Invoice and Sales
20.00 €

This module you can assign commission to sales agent based on Sales order Confirmation, Validate invoice time, Invoice Paid time.

Sales Commission for sales agent on Saleorder confim/Invoice validate time/Invoice Paid time
7.00 €

Sale Purchase Invoice Global Discount

Sale Purchase Invoice Global Discount
Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
30.00 €

Restrict sales users to confirm sales order for product out of stock.

Restrict Sales Order for Out of Stock Items
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
19.00 €
Invoice Policy Sale Order
Nilesh Sheliya
30.00 €

Display the sales and invoice total in your local or main currency. Same in PDF reports

Sales & Invoice Total In Local/Main Currency
Optima ICT services LTD
59.00 €

odoo app will Add delivery notes in sale order and pass to the delivery order

Sale Delivery Notes
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
15.00 €

odoo Apps will Print product image on sale order, Purchase order , Invoice report

Print Product Image-ON Sale, Purchase, Invoice Report
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
10.00 €