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Sale Quotation Multi Confirmation module is used to confirm multiple sale orders at the same time. Users can confirm multiple orders in the tree view.

Sale Quotation Multi Confirmation

Product Creation Restrict Product Creation Disable Quick Product Creation Disable product create restriction Product Creation Restriction Product Creation Restriction on product creation disable create product option

Product Creation Restriction App
Edge Technologies

This module will allows the POS user to create Sales order from POS based on the POS configuration.

POS Sale order - Create Sale order from POS in Odoo

This module will help to create Different sequences for sale quotations.

Sale Quotation Numeration / Sequence

This module will help the users to create Sale Versions / Sale Revisions of sale orders

Sales Order Versions
УКД, UKD, Универсальный корректировочный документ, счёт

Sales Order Traceability Report and Reorder Sale Order Management

Sales Order Traceability and Reorder Management
Aktiv Software

Sale Max Discount Pricelist

Sale Max Discount Pricelist
Candidroot Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Odoo App helps Rounding total amount in Point of Sale, pos Rounding, Pos amount Rounding, round of amount in pos, odoo pos round, odoo pos rounding, odoo rounding amount, rounding based product, product rounding in pos, point of sale rounding

POS Rounding Amount
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

Set own products for each salesperson

Salesperson Own Products
ErpMstar Solutions

odoo app allow Quick Copy Lines into Sale,Purchase, Invoice,Bill lines, copy sale order line, copy purchase order line,copy invoice line, copy bill line, copy sale lines, copy purchase lines, quick copy line, line copy, sale copy, purchase copy, line copy quick, fast copy lines, sale line copy, purchase line copy

Quick Copy Lines- Sale,Purchase, Invoice,Bill
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

Customer will get an email from the independent Helpdesk ticket team wise, with the configured email alias on relevant ticket team.

Email From Helpdesk Ticket Team
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD.

Odoo app to access POS Orders on website Portal,Website POS Order Portal, POS Order,point of sale order Portal,point of sale Orders, pos order summery, point of sale website, pos portal website, pos order portal, pos order portal, pos orders website portal user

POS Order Portal- Website
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

Show Delivery Status on Sale Order Tree and Sale Order Form.

Sale Order Delivery Status
Sonny Huynh

Using this module user can receive directly payment from sale order. | sale order | Advance payment | sale payment

Receive Sale Payment
Kanak Infosystems LLP.

Merge PDF Attachment, Merge Attachments In Report,Sale Merge PDF Attachment,Sale Order Merge picking operation,Merge Delivery Order,Merge BOM structure,Merge production order,Merge Invoice,Merge invoice without payment,Merge proforma Odoo

Merge Related PDF Reports In Quotation | Merge Related PDF Reports In Sale Order
Softhealer Technologies

salesperson specific customer,Salesperson particular customer,Salesperson special customer,Salesperson particular Saleorder,Salesperson Own Sale Order,Salesperson Own SO,salesperson specific Sale Order,Salesperson permission for Own Customer Odoo

Salesperson Own Customers Saleorders | Salesperson Own Customers | Salesperson Own Saleorders | Sale Person Own Customer Access | Sales Person Own Customer | Sale Person Own Sale Order | Sales Person Own Salesorder
Softhealer Technologies

This Module allows you to keep eye on your Customer's Credit Limit

Customer Credit Limit
ErpMstar Solutions

This module allows you to update, edit or add new delivery carrier after sale order is confirmed.

Update Delivery Carrier
Sonny Huynh

Sale order Multi Warehouse for sale order line multi warehouse sale order multiple warehouse sale order line by warehouse selection on sales multi warehouse sale line warehouse SO line warehouse selection on sale line multi warehouse option on sales

Sale Multi Warehouse Odoo App