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Integrate & Manage your all your Shopify operations from Odoo

Shopify Odoo Connector
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
18 302 | 19

Integrate & Manage all your WooCommerce operations from Odoo

Odoo WooCommerce Connector
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
32 508 | 15

Combine two or more products together in order to create a bundle product.

Product Bundle Pack
6 277 | 10

Manage Return Merchandize Authorization ( RMA ) in Odoo. Allow users to manage Return Orders, Replacement, Refund & Repair in Odoo.

RMA ( Return Merchandise Authorization ) in Odoo
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
12 128 | 8

Multiple Branch/Unit Operation on Sales,Purchases,Accounting/Invoicing,Voucher,Paymemt,POS, Accounting Reports for single company

Multiple Branch(Unit) Operation Setup for All Applications Odoo/OpenERP
5 240 | 5

WooCommerce Connector will help you to integrate and manage your WooCommerce store in Odoo and thus resolves the need to go in Woocommerce backend to handle things which can be managed from Odoo.

Odoo WooCommerce Connector
Ksolves India Ltd.
7 44 | 5

Sales Reward Module creates reward points for each customer and adds the points on each paid amount of sales invoice.

Rewards/Loyalty Points for POS & Website
Techspawn Solutions
35 | 5

The module allows you to set discount in fixed/percent basis for orders and order lines separately. The total discount in an order is sum of global discount and order line discount.

Discount On Sale Order
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
57 | 5

The tool to make sure required jobs are carefully done on this pipeline stage

CRM Check List and Approval Process
71 | 5

Customer Credit Limit Assign/Hold/Blocking. credit limit on partner.

Customer Credit Limit
20 | 5

The module allows the customer to create product bundles in the Odoo backend and sell different types of products together in one pack in a sales order line. The product pack can be used to offer discounts and offers to the customers.

Product Pack
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
6 170 | 4

Present days in market there is many competitors so there is less margin in profit and this profit calculation is little hard for larg number of products, so don't worry our this module will help to calculate profit and profitabilty for each product. This module provide a pivot view for profitability report. Where you can see the delivery quantity, return qutity, return rate, sales value, cost, profit, profitability, Tax amount, tax percentage, discount, discout amount, margin. Sales Product Profitability Analysis Report Odoo Show Sales Taxes Information Module, Display Total Sales Order Tax Amount, Price With Tax In Product Sale, Provide Product Price Without Tax , Display Sale Product Tax Percentage, Show Total Percentage With Goods Tax, Show Delivery Quantity In Product, Display Product Return Rate, Generate Product Cost Profit, Provide Sales Profitability In Product, Show Return Product Quantity Odoo. Sales Taxes Information Module, Total Sales Order Tax Amount, Price With Tax In Product Sale, Product Price Without Tax App , Product Tax Percentage, Total Percentage With Goods Tax, Show Product Delivery Quantity, Product Sales Return Rate, Product Cost Profit, Product Sales Profitability, Return Product Quantity Odoo.

Sales Product Profitability Analysis Report
Softhealer Technologies
11 | 4

Sale Order Discount Approval Workflow

Sale Order Discount Approval Workflow
iPredict IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
14 | 4

Sale Order Delivery Module, Filter Sale Order Invoice,SO Partial Delivery App, Find Full Paid Amount In SO Application, Partial SO Paid Amount Status Odoo

Sale Order Status
Softhealer Technologies
77 | 4

Integrate & Manage your all your eBay seller account operations from Odoo

eBay-Odoo Connector
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
5 61 | 3

Odoo 10 woocommerce which you can manage all your operations in Odoo

Odoo Woocommerce Connector
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This apps helps to manage product bundle

All in one Product Bundle Pack(Sale/POS/Website)
59 | 3

Enable auto cancel sale workflow with cancel sale order automation. Include operations like Auto Invoice Cancel, Auto Cancel Delivery Order. Even if invoice was paid and delivery was transfered. unreconcile payment of paid invoice.

Cancel Sale Order
Craftsync Technologies
64 | 3

Margin calculation on POS backend Order based on product and visible on analysis report

POS Margin and Analysis
69 | 3

User can enlarge product image using this application.

Product Enlarge Image
MadeUp Infotech
27 | 3