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POS Payment Analysis Report
Leap4Logic Solutions Private Limited

Import Quotation From CSV Module Import Quotation From Excel Import Quotation From XLSX Import SO From CSV Import SO From XLSX Import SO From Excel Import Sales Order From XLSX Import Sales Order From CSV Import Sales Order From Excel Import Sale Orders From CSV Import Sale Orders From XLSX Import Sale Orders From Excel Odoo Import Sale Orders Import Quotations From CSV Import Quotations From Excel Import Quotations From XLSX Import Sales From CSV Import Sales From XLSX Import Sales From Excel Import Sales Orders From XLSX Import Sales Orders From CSV Import Sales Orders From Excel Import Sale Order From CSV Import Sale Order From XLSX Import Sale Order From Excel Odoo Import Bulk Sale Order Import Mass Sale Order Data Odoo Import Quotation At Portal Import Sale Order At Portal Import Quotations At Portal Import Sale Orders At Portal Import Quotation From Portal Import Sale Order From Portal Import Quotations From Portal Import Sale Orders From Portal Import Quotation On Portal Import Sale Order On Portal Import Quotations On Portal Import Sale Orders On Portal

Import Sale Orders At Portal
Softhealer Technologies

Portal Sale Orders Product Reviews and Ratings Odoo Customer Review On Sales Order Via Portal Customer Ratings On Sales Order Via Portal Customer Review and Ratings On Sales Order Via Portal Customer Feedback Customer Rating Show Product Rating Order Rating Feedback Get Product Feedback Seller Ratings Product Ratings and Reviews Product View Customer Review Customer Review Show Product Review Order Review Feedback Get Product Feedback Seller Reviews Product Reviews and Reviews Product View Customer Review Portal SO Product Reviews and Ratings Odoo Customer Review On SO Via Portal Customer Ratings On SO Via Portal Customer Review and Ratings On SO Via Portal Customer Feedback on Sale Order Customer Rating on Sale Order Feedback on SO Customer Rating on SO Ratings and Reviews Sale Order Product View Customer Ratings Customer Ratings Show Product Rating Order Ratings Feedback Get Product Feedback Seller Ratings View Customer Rating SO Rating Feedback Customer Feedback on SO Customer Rating on SO Customer Review on Sale Order Customer Review on SO Customer Thoughts Customer Opinion Online Sale Order Experience Online SO Experience

Customer Review On Sales Order Via Portal
Softhealer Technologies

mass confirm quotations Bulk confirm quotation Sales mass confirm Bunch Invoices confirm module Multiple quotation confirm odoo Mass confirm sale orders Bulk confirm sale orders Mass confirm So bulk confirm So confirm quotation to sale order confirm quotation to So Confirm quotation to delivery Create quotation to invoice Confirm quotation to payment cancel quotation Cancel mass quotation Multiple quotation cancel Cancel multiple sale orders Mass cancel sale orders Sale order to delivery done So to delivery done sale order to invoice create So to create invoice Sale order to validate invoice So to validate invoice Sale order to done payment So to done payment Sale order to send invoice So to send invoice quotation to send invoice Mass sale order confirm mass sales mass so confirm Bunch Inv confirm mass confirm orders mass sales order by email mass confirm sales order bulk sale order confirm mass confirm so by email send mass email mass confirmed mass confirm qut sales confirm mass multiple sales order confirmed Mass quotation confirm mass quotations confirm quotations quotation bulk quotation confirm mass confirmed quotation confirm Quotations Odoo

Sale Order Mass Processes | Sale Order Mass confirm
Softhealer Technologies

Display Stock Information In Sale Order Display Stock Information in SO Product Stock For Sale Product Stock Availability Sales Order Stock Warehouse Wise Product Quantity Stock Tracking Warehouse Management Warehouse Stock Information Location-Based Stock Multi-company Warehouses Operation Line Products Sales Order Stock Details Show Stock Info in Sale Order Specific Warehouse Stock Specific Location Stock Odoo Product Stock for SO Product Stock Availability SO Display Stock Information in SO Display Product Stock in Sales Order Display Product Stock in SO Display Stock Display Product Stock Display Product Stock Quantity Stock Information Product Stock Information Stock Analysis Inventory Levels Qty by Warehouse Stocks by Warehouses Quantity per Locations Products by warehouses Product Stocks by Locations Product Stock on Location Stock Position by Location on Product Availability Product Inventory Information Manage Product Stocks Sales Product Stock Details on Sales Warehouse wise Stock Details on Sale Order Product Stock info on Sales Order Stock info Location wise Stock Information on Sales Stock Information Warehouse wise Stock info on Sale Order line Stock Details on Sale Stock Display Inventory Information In Sale Order Warehouse Wise Inventory Information Warehouse Based Inventory Information Display Inventory Information Display Inventory Details Show Inventory Show Stock Details Odoo

Display Stock Information In Sale Order
Softhealer Technologies

Sale Multi Delivery Address Sale Order With Multiple Delivery Address Sale Multiple Delivery Address Sale Order Multiple Delivery Address for Sale Multi Delivery Multi Picking Sale Different Delivery Address Sale Multi Address sales Multiple Address Sale Delivery by Address Delivery by Address Multi Delivery Address in Sale Order Line Multi Delivery Address for Each Product Multi Delivery Address in SO Sale Order Line Delivery Address Sale Line Delivery Address Sale Order Sale Qutation Sale Email Email To Customer Delivery Multi Transfer Multi Delivery Sale Stock Delivery Transfer SO With Multiple Delivery Address SO Line Multi Delivery Address for Each Product

Sale Order With Multiple Delivery Address
Softhealer Technologies

Custom taxes rounding method in sale orders

Sale Custom Rounding
Sygel , Odoo Community Association (OCA)

Track daily sales performance and generate insightful reports.

Daily Sales Report
Pure IT Solutions

This module will help you to hide / show the cost price of the product for specific users.

Hide Product Cost Price
Agung Sepruloh

Adds margin to the product and open amount Product Template

Sales Order Enhancement
Dmytro Iliushko

Send Bank Details Share Bank Details Via Sale Order Send Bank Details Via SO Share Bank Details With SO Automatically Send Bank Detail Send Details With Issue Bank Detail Send In PDF File Send Bank Details PDF Bank Details Setup In Company IFSC Code Remark Branch Setup Bank Branch Bank Account Details Fill up Bank Account Details Bank Details Send Bank Details Via Email Payment Information Customer Information Banking Integration Account Number Sales Process Order Management Bank Details Management Sales Transactions Send details With SO Odoo Send Details with Quotation Print Bank Detail Print Bank Detail in PDF Send Company's Bank Betails to the Customers for Payment Send Bank Details to Customer Send Bank Details Eamil to Customer Email Bank Detatils to Customer Bank Details Bank Details Send Authorized Signature Quotation with Bank Details Send Bank Details by Email Send Bank Details by Mail Send Bank Account Details By Email Send Bank Account Details By Mail

Sale Order With Banking Details
Softhealer Technologies

2D barcode is a machine-readable representation of data used to identify products, packages and others. Unlike traditional barcodes, 2D codes can store much more data. 2D code can hold 2335 alphanumeric characters, compared to 39 for a standard barcode.

2D Barcode

POS product - Agrega una vista en forma de lista y muestra información de los medicamentos de tu farmacia, como su código, precio, stock, principio activo, laboratorio, si requiere receta, etc.

Odoo POS - lista de medicamentos e información de ellos

This module enhances product specification by allowing detailed descriptions from product-specific data, templates, and custom inputs.

Product Variant Specifications/Dimention/Detailing
Botspot Infoware Pvt. Ltd.

Warranty Management Create Warranty Renew Warranty Status Update Product Warranty Management Product Warranty Tracking Warranty Periods Processing Warranty claims Odoo Manage the warranty Process Track product warranty In the Odoo Add warranty information in Product Create Warranty for Product Renew Product Warranty Update Product Warranty Plans Product Warranty Management System Manage Warranty Track Warranty Maintenance Product Services Management Product Service Management Product Warranty Registration Customer Warranty Management Customer Warranty Claims Sales Warranty After Sales Services After Sale Services

Product Warranty Management System
Softhealer Technologies

Sale Order Sequence Sale Order Separate Sequence Number In Sales Separate Sequence Numbers Sale Order Sequence Sale Order Number Sequence Number Sequence For SO Reference Number Sale Order custom sequence Separate sequence for sales Sequential numbering for sales orders Managing order numbers Sequence Numbers SO Sequence SO Number Number Sequence Sales Order Sequence Sales Order Separate Sequence Numbers In Sales Separate Sequence Numbers Sale Orders Sequence Sale Order Numbers Sequence Number Sequences For SO Reference Number Sale Order custom sequences Separate sequences for sales Quotation Sequence Numbers Quotations Sequence Numbers Quotation Separate Sequence Numbers In Quotations Separate Sequence Numbers Quotation Sequence Quotation Numbers Unique Sale Order Sequence Unique Sales Order Sequence Unique Sale Order Number Unique Quotation Number Unique Quotation Sequence Odoo

Sale Order - Separate Sequence Number
Softhealer Technologies

Sale Order Cancellation Cancel Reason Sale Order Management Inventory Control Sales Order Processing Cancelation Workflow Sales Analytics Cancel Reason For Sale Order Cancel Reason For SO Cancel Reason Sale Cancel Reason For SO Reason For Sale Orders Cancel Sale Order With Reason Cancel reason In SO Cancellation Reason For Cancel SOs Detailed Cancellation Reasons Detailed Cancellation Reasons For Sale Orders Detailed Cancellation Reasons For SO Customizable Cancel Reasons Specific Reason For Cancel Sale Order Specific Reason For Cancel SO Sale Order Cancel Odoo app add reason when cancel Sale Order Cancel Sales Order Reason Cancel Sales Reason Cancel reason sales order sale cancel reasons Canceled sales Cancel Quotation Cancel reasons in Odoo Sale order cancellation Cancel Sale Orders With Reasons Sale Order Cancellation Reason

Cancel Reason For Sale Order
Softhealer Technologies

Total Amount in Word for Sales, and Purchase both in view and report.

Amount in Words

Unique Sequence CRM Opportunity Sales Sequence CRM Opportunity For Sequence Opportunity Management Sales Pipeline Opportunity Tracking Sequence Management CRM Sequencing CRM Opportunity Sequencing Opportunity Management for CRM Opportunity Sequence for CRM Opportunity Sequence Tool in CRM Opportunity Tracking and Sequencing CRM Opportunity Progress Tracking CRM Opportunity Tool Opportunity App Opportunity Module CRM Sequence Number CRM Sequence No Unique Sequence No Unique Sequence Number Pipeline Creation Lead Generation Pipeline Management Sequence Prefixes Lead Management Company Prefix Opportunity Sequencing CRM Identification Lead Tracking Pipeline Analysis Odoo

Unique Sequence Number For CRM
Softhealer Technologies

Set Client Credit Limit app Decide Customer Credit Limit Choose User Credit Limit Odoo Sales Credit Limit Module Sale Order Credit Limit Sales Order Credit Limit Quotation Credit Limit Quote Credit Limit Odoo Credit rules for Checking the Credit Limit of the Customer Credit Limit Rules for Customer Sales Team Credit Limits Sales Credit Limit Customer Credit Limit Rules Customer Credit Limit with Sales Set Credit Rules Check Credit Limit Set Email Notification for Crossed Credit Limit Send Increase Credit Limit Request Increase Credit Limit Portal User Send Credit Limit Request User Log In Send Increase Credit Limit Put Customer on Hold Sale Limit Customer Credit Balance Customer Credit Management Sale Credit Approval Sale Customer Credit Approval Sale Customer Credit Informatation Apps for Customer Credit Limit Warning Agaist Account Receivable Amount Sales Credit Warning Against AR Payment Credit Warning Account Balance Warning Client Overdemand Warning Credit Limit Advance

Sales Credit Limit - Advance
Softhealer Technologies