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Current Stock Report for all Products in each Warehouse

Export Product Stock in Excel
Cybrosys Techno Solutions
17 11128 | 136

Warehouse and Stock Location Restriction on Users.

Warehouse Restrictions
Techspawn Solutions
4408 | 68

Real-time calculation and display available product's quantity from all warehouse

Product Warehouse Quantity
Ascetic Business Solution
3405 | 57

Add a MTS+MTO route

Stock MTS+MTO Rule
Akretion , Odoo Community Association (OCA)
5 2848 | 29

Introduces inventory revaluation as single point to change the valuation of products.

Stock Inventory Revaluation
Eficent Business and IT Consulting Services S.L. , Odoo Community Association (OCA)
1168 | 27

Allows to calculate products weight from its components.

Product Weight Calculation
Savoir-faire Linux , Akretion ,
1346 | 23
Stock available to promise
Numérigraphe , Odoo Community Association (OCA)
1997 | 21

Makes the product name unique like the barcode

SW - Product Name Unique
Smart Way Business Solutions
611 | 19

Display available product's quantity from all warehouse when sales order created

Sales Product Warehouse Quantity
Ascetic Business Solution
1813 | 16

Set the warehousemen on a location who are the only one to done a every picking from/to that location

Set warehouseman [responsible] for location
HyD Freelance
302 | 14

Log changes being done in Inventory Adjustments

Stock Inventory Chatter
Eficent , initOS GmbH ,
618 | 13

all in one cancel order| cancel picking | cancel stock | cancel moves | cancel inventory| cancel receive | cancel transfer | cancel accouting | bulk cancel orders | cancel sales orders |cancel purchases orders | cancel invoice | cancel delivery order |cancel account invoices | cancel sale order | cancel purchase order |cancel shipment | bulk sales orders cancel | bulk Purchases orders cancel |bulk invoices cancel | bulk delivery orders cancel | bulk shipment cancel | bulk sale order cancel | bulk purchase order cancel

All in one Cancel Sale,Purchase,Picking
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
11 131

Display available product's quantity from all warehouse when purchase order created

Purchase Product Warehouse Quantity
Ascetic Business Solution
1164 | 10

This module helps to reverse the done picking, allow to cancel picking and set to draft

Stock Picking Cancel/Reverse
9 151

warranties, extra fields

Prisme Lots Enhancement
Prisme Solutions Informatique SA
405 | 8
Warehouse report
Parfait AllA
135 | 7

Base module for multiple procurement group by Sale order

Sale Procurement Group by Line
Camptocamp , Odoo Community Association (OCA)
588 | 6

Mass configuration of stock order points

Order point generator
Camptocamp , Odoo Community Association (OCA)
498 | 5

odoo Apps will print Stock Aging Report by Compnay, Warehoouse, Location, Product Category and Product | stock expiry report | inventory expiry report | inventory ageing report | Stock Aging Report | Inventory Age Report & Break Down Report | Stock Ageing Excel Report | Inventory Aging by Warehoouse | Inventory Aging by Location | Inventory Break Down Report | Inventory monthly | Inventory monthly aging Product | Inventory aging Product Category

Stock Inventory Aging Report PDF/Excel
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

Stock reservations on products

Stock Reservation
Camptocamp , Odoo Community Association (OCA)
2773 | 4