cancel reason for picking cancelling reason for reject reason cancel picking reason cancel stock move reason cancel reason for transfers cancel reason for delivery order cancel reason for shipment cancel reason for stock transfer cancel after done

Stock Picking Cancel Reason
Equick ERP

Inventory mobile app interface

Inventory Mobile App
Binhex Systems Solutions

Product low stock alerts for multi warehouse product stock alerts on product low stock notification on product stock alerts multi warehouse product stock alerts product Low Stock Report Minimum Stock Reminder Email Stock notify Email product stock alert

Multi Warehouse Product Low Stock Notification Alert

Delivery line views Picking line view picking order line view receipt order line view stock move line views stock move view picking line list view picking line pivot view picking line kanban view delivery line search view picking line search view DO line

Picking/Delivery Order Line Views - List, Form, Pivot, Kanban, Graph View etc

Warehouse aging Report Inventory Report Warehouse Stock Report product stock report warehouse product detail report product balance report product aging report warehouse stock aging report inventory valuation report stock card report inventory aging report

Inventory and Stock Warehouse Report
Edge Technologies

This apps helps you to only show available lots/serial on delivery order | Hide zero lot on delivery | Hide zero serial on delivery | hide not available lot on picking

Show Available Lot on Delivery | Hide Unavailable Product Lot on Delivery
Preway IT Solutions

This apps helps you stop auto reservation stock on delivery order | Stop auto lot reservation on sale confirm | Stop auto lot allocation on delivery order/ Stop add auto lot | Stop auto reserve | Stop auto Allocation lot | Stop auto Allocation serial | Restrict Stock Auto Reservation

Stop Auto Lot Allocation on Delivery | Stop Auto Reservation
Preway IT Solutions
Geodis Shipping

This module Help for Allow User or Employee purchase request

Material Purchase Requisitions
Icon TechSoft Pvt. Ltd.

Inter Warehouse Transfer Warehouse inter transfer Internal Warehouse Transfer Warehouse internal transfer for multi warehouse internal transfer multi warehouse internal transfer multi warehouse stock transfer for multi warehouse stock movement warehouse

Inter Warehouse Transfer App
Edge Technologies

Warehouse user Restrictions user warehouse Restriction for user warehouse location restrict location on warehouse location Restrictions Warehouse Stock Restriction Warehouse Stock location Restriction inventory Restriction inventory location Restriction

Warehouse Restrictions App
Edge Technologies

Sale Margin Report, Sales Margin Report, Product Margin Report, Product Sale Margin Report, Product Sales Margin Report, Margin Report, Sales Profit Report, Sale Profit report, Sale Profitability Report, Sales Profitability Report, Profit & Loss Report, Profit and Loss Report, Cost Price, Sales Margin & Analysis Report, Sales Margin and Analysis Report Product Profitability Report,

Sales Margin Report || Product Margin Report
OMAX Informatics

Lot Barcode Report, Lot Bracode PDF, Bracode Report, Serial Number Barcode Report, Serial Number Barcode PDF, Lot/Serial Number Barcode Report, Lot/Serial Number Barcode, Print Lot / Serial Number Barcode, Print Lot/Serial Number Barcode, Print Lot Barcode, Print Serial Number Barcode, Bracode Label Report, Lot Label Report, Stock Label Report, Stock Barcode Report, Inventory Lable Report, Inventory Barcode Report,

Lot/Serial Number Barcode Report
OMAX Informatics

The Odoo Scrap Transfer Backdate app allows you to add custom backdates and remarks on scrap order transfers.

Scrap Order Backdate
Harhu IT Solutions

Product Equipment Stock for products Equipment manage stock for Equipment Product Equipment inventory for products Equipment manage inventory for Equipment inventory product manage inventory for Equipments

Equipment Product Stock
Edge Technologies

Merge Pickings Merge Delivery orders merge incoming shipment merge stock operation merge stock picking merge warehouse delivery merge picking operation combine picking combine delivery orders merge orders

Merge Picking Order/Merge Delivery Order/Merge Operation App
Edge Technologies

Print Inventory Age Report Inventory Breakdown Report inventory aging report stock aging report warehouse aging report product Stock aging report Inventory age stock report stock card stock ageing report stock expiry report aging stock report ageing stock

Stock Age Breakdown Report Odoo App

Cancel Inventory Cancel Stock Picking Cancel Scrap Order Cancel Stock Moves Delete Stock Picking Delete Scrap Order Delete Stock Moves cancel warehouse reverse stock move reverse stock picking reverse stock move cancel scrap order cancel picking reset

Cancel Stock/Cancel Inventory/Cancel Stock Move/Cancel Scrap Order
Edge Technologies

Integrate & Manage your Gati Shipping Operations from Odoo

Gati Odoo Shipping Connector

This apps helps you to make stock force avilable on delivery order and internal transfer | Forcefully available Stock on delivery | Forcefully available Stock on internal Transfer | Force available Stock on delivery order | Force available Stock on internal transfers | Force availability | stock force available

Force Availability Button on Delivery/Internal Transfer
Preway IT Solutions