Allows your user to cancel done stock move.

Cancel Stock Move
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cancel reason for picking cancelling reason for reject reason cancel picking reason cancel stock move reason cancel reason for transfers cancel reason for delivery order cancel reason for shipment cancel reason for stock transfer cancel after done

Stock Picking Cancel Reason
Equick ERP

Average Costing Method Average Warehouse Wise Costing Method Warehouse Average Costing Calculate Stock Landed Cost On Average Costing Method Landed Cost Service Cost Manage Cost Price Warehouse Cost Price Product Costing Odoo

Average Costing Warehouse Wise
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Auto Genration for Sales Returns and Purchase Returns operations, Link them with Sales delivery, Purchase Recipt and other Enhancment

Stock Basic enhancement
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Inventory Aged Report

Inventory Aged Report

Warehouse Abc Analysis Report Warehouse Demand Report Warehouse stock risk report warehouse most demanded product report warehouse product costing report inventory risk analysis report inventory demand analysis inventory product demand report stock demand

Inventory ABC Analysis Report -Stock Demand, Cost and Risk Analysis

Product low stock alerts for multi warehouse product stock alerts on product low stock notification on product stock alerts multi warehouse product stock alerts product Low Stock Report Minimum Stock Reminder Email Stock notify Email product stock alert

Multi Warehouse Product Low Stock Notification Alert

Delivery line views Picking line view picking order line view receipt order line view stock move line views stock move view picking line list view picking line pivot view picking line kanban view delivery line search view picking line search view DO line

Picking/Delivery Order Line Views - List, Form, Pivot, Kanban, Graph View etc

Auto Lot Generate Automatic Lot Assign Auto Assign Lot Selection Auto Generate Lot In Picking Automation Lot Generation Create Auto Lot Based On Prefix Auto Generate Lot In Picking Clear Lot Custom Lot Number Based On Vehicle Odoo

Auto Generate Lot Number in Incoming Shipment
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App Warehouse Stock Inventory with Move In Out Report Total Pack

Warehouse aging Report Inventory Report Warehouse Stock Report product stock report warehouse product detail report product balance report product aging report warehouse stock aging report inventory valuation report stock card report inventory aging report

Inventory and Stock Warehouse Report
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This apps helps you stop auto reservation stock on delivery order | Stop auto lot reservation on sale confirm | Stop auto lot allocation on delivery order/ Stop add auto lot | Stop auto reserve | Stop auto Allocation lot | Stop auto Allocation serial | Restrict Stock Auto Reservation

Stop Auto Lot Allocation on Delivery | Stop Auto Reservation
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Integrate & Manage your DHL Express Shipping Operations from Odoo

DHL Express Odoo Shipping Integration

Integrate & Manage your Shipping Operation from Odoo

ShippyPro Shipping Integrations

Integrate & Manage your Shipping Operation from Odoo

DHL Parcel EU (BE & NL) Shipping Integration
Geodis Shipping

This module Help for Allow User or Employee purchase request

Material Purchase Requisitions
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Landed Cost Report Landed Cost Management Landed Cost Analysis Multiple Landed Cost Report Generate Landed Cost Report Additional Costs Report Valuation Adjustment Report Odoo

Landed Cost Report
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Lot Number Report Lot Number Management Serial Number Report Serial Number Management Generate Lot Number Report Lot No Report Lot Number With Product Details Serial Number With Product Details Traceability Report Location Details Report Odoo

Print Lot Number With Traceability | Print Serial Number With Traceability | Print Lot Number With Location Details | Print Serial Number With Location Details
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Stock Product Attribute Report Stock Product Stock Attribute Report Summary Report Category Report Variants Report Product Variant Attribute Report Product Variant Horizontal Attribute Report Vertical Attribute Report Attribute Wise Warehouse Odoo

Product Attribute Wise Stock Report
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