This module will add a functionality to allow barcode generation of EAN13 for products. You can do configuration at product or category or company level.

ACS Product Barcode Generator
Almighty Consulting Services

This module will add a functionality to allow Internal Reference generation for products. You can do configuration at product or category or company level.

ACS Product Internal Reference Generator
Almighty Consulting Services

Activity Management in Odoo. Advanced Activity management, Activity, Email, Activity, Activity Dashboard, Activity Calender, Activity Graph, Activity pivot, Advanced search,Activity Kanban, Email Activity, Activity, Graph, Pivot, Search, Calendar, kanban Odoo 中的活动管理。 高级活动管理、活动、电子邮件、活动、活动仪表板、活动日历、活动图表、活动数据透视表、高级搜索、活动看板、电子邮件活动、活动、图表、数据透视表、搜索、日历、看板 Gestion des activités dans Odoo. Gestion avancée des activités, Activité, Email, Activité, Tableau de bord d'activité, Calendrier d'activité, Graphique d'activité, Pivot d'activité, Recherche avancée, Kanban d'activité, Activité de messagerie, Activité, Graphique, Pivot, Recherche, Calendrier, kanban Aktivitätsmanagement in Odoo. Erweitertes Aktivitätsmanagement, Aktivität, E-Mail, Aktivität, Aktivitäts-Dashboard, Aktivitätskalender, Aktivitätsdiagramm, Aktivitäts-Pivot, erweiterte Suche, Aktivitäts-Kanban, E-Mail-Aktivität, Aktivität, Diagramm, Pivot, Suche, Kalender, Kanban Manajemen Aktivitas di Odoo. Manajemen Aktivitas Lanjutan, Aktivitas, Email, Aktivitas, Dasbor Aktivitas, Kalender Aktivitas, Grafik Aktivitas, Poros aktivitas, Pencarian lanjutan, Kanban Aktivitas, Aktivitas Email, Aktivitas, Grafik, Pivot, Pencarian, Kalender, kanban Gestione delle attività in Odoo. Gestione attività avanzata, Attività, Email, Attività, Dashboard attività, Calendario attività, Grafico attività, Pivot attività, Ricerca avanzata, Kanban attività, Attività email, Attività, Grafico, Pivot, Ricerca, Calendario, kanban Odoo でのアクティビティ管理。 高度なアクティビティ管理、アクティビティ、電子メール、アクティビティ、アクティビティ ダッシュボード、アクティビティ カレンダー、アクティビティ グラフ、アクティビティ ピボット、詳細検索、アクティビティ カンバン、電子メール アクティビティ、アクティビティ、グラフ、ピボット、検索、カレンダー、カンバン Odoo의 활동 관리. 고급 활동 관리, 활동, 이메일, 활동, 활동 대시보드, 활동 캘린더, 활동 그래프, 활동 피벗, 고급 검색, 활동 칸반, 이메일 활동, 활동, 그래프, 피벗, 검색, 달력, 칸반 مدیریت فعالیت در Odoo. مدیریت فعالیت پیشرفته، فعالیت، ایمیل، فعالیت، داشبورد فعالیت، تقویم فعالیت، نمودار فعالیت، محور فعالیت، جستجوی پیشرفته، فعالیت کانبان، فعالیت ایمیل، فعالیت، نمودار، محور، جستجو، تقویم، کانبان إدارة النشاط في أودو. إدارة النشاط المتقدمة، النشاط، البريد الإلكتروني، النشاط، لوحة معلومات النشاط، تقويم النشاط، الرسم البياني للنشاط، محور النشاط، بحث متقدم، كانبان النشاط، نشاط البريد الإلكتروني، النشاط، الرسم البياني، المحور، البحث، التقويم، كانبان Gerenciamento de atividades em Odoo. Gerenciamento avançado de atividades, atividade, e-mail, atividade, painel de atividades, calendário de atividades, gráfico de atividades, pivô de atividades, pesquisa avançada, atividade Kanban, atividade de e-mail, atividade, gráfico, pivô, pesquisa, calendário, kanban Управление деятельностью в Odoo. Расширенное управление активностью, активность, электронная почта, активность, панель активности, календарь активности, график активности, сводка активности, расширенный поиск, активность канбан, активность электронной почты, активность, график, поворот, поиск, календарь, канбан Gestión de actividades en Odoo. Gestión avanzada de actividades, Actividad, Correo electrónico, Actividad, Panel de actividades, Calendario de actividades, Gráfico de actividad, Pivote de actividad, Búsqueda avanzada, Kanban de actividad, Actividad de correo electrónico, Actividad, Gráfico, Pivote, Búsqueda, Calendario, kanban Aktivitetsledning i Odoo. Avancerad aktivitetshantering, Aktivitet, E-post, Aktivitet, Aktivitetsinstrumentpanel, Aktivitetskalender, Aktivitetsdiagram, Aktivitetspivot, Avancerad sökning, Aktivitetskanban, E-postaktivitet, Aktivitet, Graf, Pivot, Sök, Kalender, kanban Odoo'da Etkinlik Yönetimi. Gelişmiş Etkinlik yönetimi, Etkinlik, E-posta, Etkinlik, Etkinlik Kontrol Paneli, Etkinlik Takvimi, Etkinlik Grafiği, Etkinlik pivotu, Gelişmiş arama, Etkinlik Kanbanı, E-posta Etkinliği, Etkinlik, Grafik, Pivot, Arama, Takvim, kanban Управління діяльністю в Odoo. Розширене керування діяльністю, Діяльність, Електронна пошта, Діяльність, Інформаційна панель активності, Календар активності, Графік активності, Зведення активності, Розширений пошук, Канбан діяльності, Активність електронної пошти, Діяльність, Графік, Зведена таблиця, Пошук, Календар, Канбан

Activity Management
OMAX Informatics

Costing at item level (Lot/serial No), Actual Costing Method, Real Costing Method, Product costing, Compute the cost of product, Inventory Valuation, Stock Valuation, Stock Removal Strategy, Material Costing, Calculate Real Cost, Lot, Serial Number, FIFO

Actual Costing Method

Costing at item level (Lot/serial No), Actual Costing Method, Real Costing Method, Product Costing, Compute the cost of product, Inventory Valuation, Stock Valuation, Stock Removal Strategy, Material Costing, Calculate Real Cost, Lot, Serial Number, FIFO, Landed Cost, Calculate Landed Cost, Stock Landed Cost

Actual Costing Method (Landed Cost)

Costing at item level (Lot/serial No)

Actual Costing Method (Manufacturing)

Add a Note on delivery orders for dispatch teams

Add Delivery Note
Seventh Dimension

Add Product Description in Picking(Delivery & Shipment Order)

Add Picking Description
AVP Technolabs

This apps help to Scan Serial Number Via Barcode On Picking (Incoming Shipment/ Delivery Order)

Add Serial Number Via Barcode On Picking(Shipment/Delivery) in odoo

This module is allow to add multiple product in purchase order line or import order line from xls file | add multiple products | add mass products | import xlsx for picking line | xlsx import

Add/import Mass/multiple product in stock
Kanak Infosystems LLP.

Stock Product Filter App, Warehouse Product Search Module,Stock Product Find, Inventory Product Find, Incoming Order Product Select, Manage Shipment Product, Delivery Order Product Find, DO Product Search, Stock Product Selection Odoo

Advance Product Search and Selection in Stock Operations
Softhealer Technologies

Create and manage reordering rules automatically using templates

Advanced Auto Reordering Rules Pro. Create Reordering Rule Orderpoint Automatically Manage Stock Orderpoint Reordering Rule using Templates
Ivan Sokolov , Cetmix

This module provides pdf and xlsx report of scrap products

Advanced Scrap Move Report
Cybrosys Techno Solutions

Merge Customer Invoice Merge Invoice Merge Supplier Invoice Merge Vendor Bill Merge Vendor Bills Merge Bills Merge Sales Invoice Merge Sale Invoice Merge Purchase Invoice Merge Quotation Merge Quote Merge Sales Order Merge Sale Order Merge Orders Merge SO Merge RFQ Merge Request For Quotation Merge Purchase Order Merge PO Merge Picking Merge Internal Transfer Merge Delivery Order Merge DO Merge Incoming Shipment Merge Shipment Merge Transfer Merge Stock Picking

All In One Merge Records
OMAX Informatics

Apps for all in one Stock Transfer Backdate and Remarks in Odoo

All in One Stock Transfer Backdate and Remarks in Odoo

odoo app allow to add Weight Calculation of product on sale order line, purchase order line, delivery order, stcok move, sale weight, purchase weight, delivery weight, sale product weight, purchase product weight, delivery product weight, sale product line weight , purchase product line weight, stock product weight

All in One Weight- Sale, Purchase, Delivery Order
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

all in one cancel order| cancel picking | cancel stock | cancel moves | cancel inventory| cancel receive | cancel transfer | cancel accouting | bulk cancel orders | cancel sales orders |cancel purchases orders | cancel invoice | cancel delivery order |cancel invoices

All in one Cancel Sale,Purchase,Picking
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
12 212
All in one Cancel Sale,Purchase,Picking & Invoices
CodeFire Technologies

This apps helps to print all inventory/stock reports for Odoo

All in one Inventory/Stock Reports Odoo
All in one Receipt Reports - Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Inventory
OMAX Informatics