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Multiple products Scrap Order for multi product scrap orders for multiple product scrap order create scrap order for multiple product scrap order mass product scrap order create scrap for multi product create scrap order for mass product scrap orders

Odoo Scrap Order for Multi Products Apps
Edge Technologies

Odoo app auto fill done Quantities into delivery order | Reserve qty | done Qty | delivery order reserve

Auto fill Done Quantity from Reserve Qty
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

Odoo app shows Stock Quantity for different Location on Product

Product Stocks By locations & Report
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

odoo app will keep Stock Return Reason when stock return | Stock return | delivery rerurn | shipment return | stock returen reason

Stock Return Reason
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

The stock aging analysis report helps you to analyze the age of your stock by organizing the value and quantity into periods.

Inventory/Stock Aging Report

Odoo app print delivery gate pass copy and send mail to customer

Delivery Gate Pass
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

Inventory Tags Module, Stock Tags App, Incoming Order Tags, Delivery Order Tags, IO Tags, DO Tags, Warehouse Tag, Shipment Tags, Internal Transfer Tags Odoo

Inventory Tags/Incoming-Delivery Order Tags
Softhealer Technologies

Inventory secondary unit of measure for inventory secondary unit of measure for warehouse secondary unit of measure product secondary uom inventory secondary uom for warehouse secondary uom product secondary unit of measure for picking secondary uom

Inventory Secondary Unit of Measure-UOM
Edge Technologies

Inventory Whatsapp Integration,Stock Whatsapp Integration,Inventory Send Customer Whatsapp Module, Customer Whatsapp Stock Send,Client Whatsapp Send Incoming Order, Delivery Order Send Whatsapp, Send Internal Transfer Client Whatsup app

Inventory Whatsapp Integrations
Softhealer Technologies

Stock Internal Transfer for Warehouse stock transfer stock for different warehouse transfer stock for internal warehouse stock transfer for internal location warehouse stock internal transfer internal stock transfer for one warehouse to another warehouse

Internal Stock Transfer for Different Warehouse
Edge Technologies

Mass validate picking mass confirm picking mass validate delivery mass confirm delivery mass validate receipt mass confirm receipt validate mass picking confirm mass picking validate multiple delivery validate multiple picking in single click mass receipt

Mass Validate Picking (Delivery/Receipt)
Rajaongkir - Delivery Costs

Create your custom stock report, set yourself in/out column

Dynamic stock Report (Excel)
HyD Freelance

View for Picking order line views picking lines view picking line kanban view for picking line view picking line Graph view picking Line Chart view picking line Pie Chart view Bar Chart view receipt line view stock move line view delivery line view

Picking Order Line Views
Edge Technologies

warranties, extra fields

Prisme Lots Enhancement
Prisme Solutions Informatique SA

odoo app allow to add scrap backdate and remark when validate Scrap

Scrap Backdate & Remark
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

Quick find moves done by user, a day, in location, by lot easily. Get the result in the stock move view or print it in PDF with serial/lot optionally

Find and show/print stock moves
HyD Freelance

Automated Low Stock Notification email, manual Low Stock Excel Report.

Product Low Stock Notification / Excel Report

odoo Applicatation allow to Transfer Stock one warehouse to another warehouse

Warehouse Internal Transfer Stock
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

View Inventory Valuation Report

Yudha Inventory Valuation
Albertus Restiyanto Pramayudha