The tool to restrict users' access to stocks, locations and warehouse operations

Stocks Access Rules
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This module allow your employees/users to create Purchase Requisitions.

Product/Material Purchase Requisitions by Employees/Users
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
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Warehouse and Stock Location Restriction on Users.

Warehouse Restrictions
Techspawn Solutions
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Merge Pickings(Delivery Orders/Incoming Shipments)

Merge Delivery Orders/Incoming Shipments
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This apps helps to print inventory Valuation Report for perticular date with Excel and PDF both option

Real time Stock Inventory Valuation Report (PDF/EXCEL)
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This module helps to reverse the done picking, allow to cancel picking and set to draft

Stock Picking Cancel/Reverse
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all in one cancel order| cancel picking | cancel stock | cancel moves | cancel inventory| cancel receive | cancel transfer | cancel accouting | bulk cancel orders | cancel sales orders |cancel purchases orders | cancel invoice | cancel delivery order |cancel invoices

All in one Cancel Sale,Purchase,Picking
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
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odoo Apps will print Stock Aging Report by Compnay, Warehoouse, Location, Product Category and Product | stock expiry report | inventory expiry report | inventory ageing report | Stock Aging Report | Inventory Age Report & Break Down Report | Stock Ageing Excel Report | Inventory Aging by Warehoouse | Inventory Aging by Location | Inventory Break Down Report | Inventory monthly | Inventory monthly aging Product | Inventory aging Product Category

Stock Inventory Aging Report PDF/Excel
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
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The module allows you to scan the product barcode and update the quantity of stock in Odoo inventory.

Inventory Barcode Scanning
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
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Product Multi Barcode for Product multiple barcode for product barcode search product based on barcode product barcode generator product different barcode product many barcode product multi barcode for sale multi barcode create multiple barcode for product

Product Multiple Barcodes
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Auto Inter company Transfer document Auto intercompany transfer document auto intercompany transection automatic inter-company Transection inter company rules setup for multiple company inter company sales inter company purchase inter-company warehouse

Auto Inter-Company Transfer-Transection App
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The tool to make inventory data essential and comfortable for elaboration

Stocks by Locations
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Inventory Adjustment Cost Price Inventory Adjustment costing Inventory Adjustment with valuation costing manual costing on Inventory Adjustment with costing Inventory valuation cost with inventory cost price for valuation costing with Inventory Adjustment

Inventory Adjustment with Cost Price Odoo
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This module useful to set invoice address, delivery address and customer address in delivery and set description from sale order line to picking operations. Manage Sale Order Line Description Odoo Set Invoice Address In Sale Order Line, Write Delivery Address In Delivery Slip,Provide Customer Address In Quotation Line Module, Put Sale Order Line Description In Picking Operations Odoo. Delivery Address In Sale Order Line, Invoice Address In Delivery Slip App, Customer Address In Quotation Line Module, Sale Order Line Description In Picking Operations Odoo. Sale Order Line Description to Delivery Order 销售订单行对交货单的描述 Description de la ligne de commande client jusqu'à la commande de livraison Beschreibung der Verkaufsauftragsposition zum Lieferauftrag Descrizione riga ordine di vendita per ordine di consegna Descripción de línea de orden de venta a orden de entrega Descrição da linha de ordem de venda para ordem de entrega

Sale Order Line Description to Delivery Order
Softhealer Technologies
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This apps helps to add analytic account on stock move and stock picking

Analytic Account on Stock Picking with Analytic Tags
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This apps helps to import incoming shipment and delivery order from Excel or CSV file.

Import Picking(Shipment/Delivery) from Excel or CSV File
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This application will help user to rectify the mistake while importing or added product stocks though inventory adjustment. This application allow users to cancel inventory adjustment and delete all the related stock move. If you have enabled inventory valuation "Automated" then this app will also cancel stock accounting entry. Product quantity, quants and accounting entries are managed properly.

Cancel Validated Inventory Adjustment
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Change Delivery Address on Delivery Form & Slip

Change Shipping Address on Delivery Form & Slip
Piotr Cierkosz
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Find the warehouse to which the location belongs

Stock Location's Warehouse Identification
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA) , Viindoo
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The tool to calculate stock demand trends and make prediction for future demand statistically. Stock Forecast

Stock Demand Trends and Forecast
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