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Send packages by InPost service (PL) - module to integrate with website

InPost Shipping - Website (PL)

The PoS Low Stock Alert module is a crucial component within the Inventory Application that empowers businesses to proactively manage their product inventory levels. By defining customizable threshold quantities for products, the module monitors stock quantities in real-time. It triggers alert notifications within the Point of Sale (PoS) interface when a product's stock falls below or equals the set threshold. This feature ensures that businesses can take immediate action to prevent stockouts, optimize inventory management, and maintain seamless operations. Low Stock Alert | Stock Alert | Stock Alert Notification | Inventory Management | Threshold Quantities | Real-time Monitoring | Point of Sale | Low Stock | Stock Level | Product Stock | Product Alert | Product Quantity | Alert Quantity | PoS Product | PoS Alert | Alert Notifications | Replenishment | Stock Levels | Inventory Optimization | Business Efficiency | Operational Continuity | Customer Satisfaction | Data Insights | Reporting | Role-based Access | Resource Allocation | Strategic Decision-making | Integration | Procurement | User Permissions

PoS Low Stock Alert

This Odoo app facilitates the management of Delivery and Invoice Status for Sales Orders. Users can effortlessly track whether a Delivery Order (DO) is fully delivered, partially delivered, or pending. Similarly, users can monitor invoice statuses, identifying whether they are paid, partially paid, or unpaid. Additionally, users can view total amounts, paid amounts, due amounts, and the percentage of the paid amount for sales invoices. All these features are controlled by user access rights.

Sale Order Status | Invoice Status | Delivery and Invoice Status | Sale Order Delivery Status
CodersFort Info Solutions

This module allow us to cancel the MO and PO created from the SO which contains an MTO Product. Also Cancel the PO created from MTO MO.

Stock Cancel MTO

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