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The module adds some features to the e learning application Publish all course content not with one click Disable sending emails to participants when content is published Disables automatic deletion of a participant when they disapprove a certificat elearning settings channel video website

elearning Course Presentation Page
David Montero Crespo

Use this module to greatly accelerate the loading of a page with a large number of product categories

E-commerce Category Cache
IT-Projects LLC , Artyom Losev

Our Odoo Estafeta Shipping Integration will help you connect with Estafeta Shipping Carrier with Odoo. automatically submit order information from Odoo to Estafeta and get Shipping label, and Order Tracking number from Estafeta to Odoo.

Estafeta Shipping Integration
Vraja Technologies

We are providing following modules, shipstation, shipping, odoo shipping integration,odoo shipping connector, dhl express, fedex, ups, gls, usps,, shipstation, bigcommerce, easyship, amazon shipping, sendclound, ebay, shopify.

Sendle Shipping Integration
Vraja Technologies

Knowledge Base System company FAQ company Policy updates knowledge management tool knowledge wiki program document knowledge document management knowledge portal for knowledge base portal knowsystems portal document portal Knowledge FAQ Knowledge Policy

Knowledge Base System
Edge Technologies

Shop Under Maintenance in Odoo

Website Ecommerce Shop in Maintenance Mode
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.

This Module allows to view the Receipt status in website purchase order.

Website Purchase order Receipt status
Equick ERP

This Module allows to view the Delivery status in website sales order.

Website Sale order Delivery status
Equick ERP

The tool to create website documentation based on your knowledge base

Odoo Documentation Builder
Odoo Tools

This app allows your website eCommerce team to customize a ‘Add to Cart’ button on the website page with certain effects as listed below.

Add to Cart Animation and Font and Background Color
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.

This module helps you to Show Popup Inquiry form while load odoo website pages

Website Inquiry Popup
Ananthu Krishna

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program
Bizople Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Employee Attendance with Google Map Employee Attendance location restriction for employee Attendance google map location of attendance sign in location find location of employee user location sign in location of sign in employee location sign in sign out

Employee Attendance Location with Restriction
Edge Technologies

Website Purchased Product Notification

Website Purchased Product Notification
Bizople Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

This module helps you to Show Popup Message while load odoo website pages

website popup (popup)
Ananthu Krishna

Payphone Payment Gateway.

Payphone payment acquirer

Whatsapp Integration Website Ecommerce , connect your clients directly with you, very quickly

Website Order Whatsapp

This modules allows to use different icon fonts into Odoo Websites.

Website Icon Fonts by Kinfinity Tech
Kinfinity Tech Pvt. Ltd.

This module allows you to see your shop orders list in the portal.

Shop orders list portal
Mihajarilala Rakotondriatsara

Offer Snippets, Offer Slider Snippet Module, Stylish Offer Snippet App, Offer Snipet Application, Offer Box, Offer Content Box, Alternative Offer Snnipet, Multiple Offer Snippets, Product Offer Snippet Odoo.

Offer Snippet
Softhealer Technologies