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Correos Express Integration
Vraja Technologies

Website Address book Website customer Address book Website Supplier Address book on website shop Address book shop customer Address book shop Supplier Address book shop contact book webshop customer address book ecommerce customer address book management

Website Contact Address App
Edge Technologies

Show Payment Receipts in Website User Portal

Website Portal Show Payment Receipt

Allow Customers to add message/comment before placing an order.

Website Sale Customer Order Note
iPredict IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The tool to translate URL addresses of Odoo website pages

URL Transliterations for Website Pages
Odoo Tools
Display product reference in e-commerce
Tecnativa,Odoo Community Association (OCA)

Allows you to connect your skype in odoo backend.

Odoo Backend Add Skype
ErpMstar Solutions

Website Responsive Font Size

Website Responsive Font Size
Geminate Consultancy Services

Style Odoo website errors based on Tailwind.

Tailwind Website Error Pages

Do you want to show a beautiful category on-page? This module useful to make your webpage beautiful with different category snippets. you can use this snippet without any technical skill. you can easily add links to change images. if you want to see how it will work then please check out the below video. This module provides a 20+ different and stylish snippet for display products on the shop page with image, description & product count feature. This snippet is clean, responsive, animated, professional, effective and efficient. Category Snippet Odoo, Category Blocks Odoo Category Snippets, Category Slider Snippet Module,Stylish Category Snippets ,Categories Blocks, Category Snipet, Category Box, Category Content Box, New Arrival Category Snippet, Featured Snippet, Alternative Category Snnipet, Multiple Category snippet Odoo. Category Snippets, Category Slider Snippet Module, Stylish Category Snippets, Categories Blocks App, Category Snipet Application, Category Box, Category Content Box, New Arrival Category Snippet, Featured Snippet, Alternative Category Snnipet, Multiple Category Snippets Odoo.

Category Snippets
Softhealer Technologies

ACS Common Product Images Define a common Image and use same image in many products.

ACS Common Product Images
Almighty Consulting Services

Currently, odoo does not provide any kind of module that can manage appointments on the website. If you have lots of appointments and you cannot manage it, So don't worry we have a solution, Customers can book appointment from odoo website, they need to fill important information and appointment will be booked, if customer does not sign in/sign up still it will create appointment for that customer we auto-creating partner or auto-selecting partner based on email id specified by customer, If customer already sign in than if they go to appointment page than we have auto-filled important information like addresses, name, email, phone, mobile, etc so they can easily keep as it is or they can change information and book appointment, it's quite fast forward for sign-in customers as they don't need to fill full form. Customers can see appointments and status from my account portal. Customers can chat/message or share attachment inside the appointment. Customers can see the status of the appointment as well. Customers can see invoices of appointments as well from my account portal. Cheers! For example, if you have service base company like your company provide any kind of repairmen (plumbing, mechanic, labor worker,) and any kind of helper, The customer call to your appointee/admin for service as per his requirement, your appointee will appoint the customer with all details like customer address, contact No, customer residence location(if possible), which type of service required and customer note/comment (If customer is regular then you can add that notes or requirement direct in customer note at create customer or even after, when you create appointment for that customer note will be added automatically) on service, etc, your The appointee will give the customer the date and timeslot. Appointment Management System - Website Odoo Online Appointment Scheduling System Module, Appointment Management On Website Odoo, Maintain Appointment On Web System, Field Service Management, Create Appointment On Shop Page Odoo. Appointment System Module, Appointment Management Website App, Maintain Field Service, Appointment On Shop Page, Maintain Appointment On Web Odoo.

Appointment Management-Website
Softhealer Technologies

Do you want to get brand-wise products on the website? Currently, in odoo, you can't manage products by brands. This module allows for managing product brands on the shop page. It also helps to search, filter and group by-products by brand, it also shows how many products in a particular brand.You can see the product in many styles. cheers! Product Brand Management - Website Odoo, Maintain Product Brand - Website Odoo Manage Product By Brand Module, Search Brand Wise Product, Filter Product By Brand On Shop, Select Products By Brand, Group By Product Brands, Choose Product By Particular Brand, Assign Products Brand, Product Brand On Shop, Manage Website Products By Brand Odoo. Manage Brand Products, Search Brand Wise Product App, Filter Product By Brand, Select Brand Product Module, Group By Product Brands, Choose Brand Product On Shop, Get Particular Brand Product, Assign Products Brand, Website Product Brand, Product Brand On Shop Odoo.

Product Brand Management - Website
Softhealer Technologies

SEO URL Redirect / Rewrite for 301, Blog, E-commerce website or any URL

Website URL Redirect URL
Axis Technolabs

Do you want to make a combo of several products on the website? In competitive market prices play an important role. This module is useful for creating a pack of some products on the shop page. You can generate a product bundle for selling multi-products at once. You can make a bunch of several products and easily enhance your sailing. If you change the price on the website then it automatically changes in backend. All In One Product Bundle Odoo, All In One Product Combo Odoo, All In One Product Pack Odoo. Bunch Products On Shop Module, All In One Products, Generate Product Package, Manage Product Combo, Fix Particular Product Bundle,Give Product Pack, Mass Products On Website, Add Multiple Products, Website Product Management Odoo. Website Bunch Products, All In One Products App, Website Product Package, Product Combo Module, Particular Product Bundle, Product Pack On Shop, Mass Products On Shop, Multiple Products On Shop, Multiple Products In Pack, Make Product Bunch, All In One Products Combo, All In One Products Bunch, All In One Products Pack,All In One Products Bundle Odoo.

Bundle Product Management-Website
Softhealer Technologies

Update profile picture from website

Update Profiles
Jupical Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

This plugin for Website Menu Hide & Security.

Website Menu Hide & Security

Allows you give multiple options about the payment and order delivery.

Pickup and pay at Shop
ErpMstar Solutions

Website Sale Deals

Website Sale Deals
Geminate Consultancy Services

Mainly business is product-based or service-based. As per the name, a product-based business sells actual physical things, such as clothing or boxes, while a service-based business sells a service that consumers need, such as software, supports so in that case of service-based business admin no need any kind of physical address of customer but in odoo eCommerce user can not skip address page. That's why we build this module it will help to skip the address page in e-commerce.If any new user wants to purchase any services so they need only email, username, and password for signup. Bypass Address Page On Ecommerce Odoo, Ecommerce Skip Address Stage Odoo Skip Address In Ecommerce Module, Hide Address In Service Based Product, Bypass Customer Physical Address In Ecommerce Page, Remove Client Address In Product Page Odoo. Ecommerce Skip Address App, Product Hide Address Module, Ecommerce Bypass Customer Physical Address, Product Page Remove Client Address Odoo.

Bypass Address Page On Ecommerce
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