Website Shipping Rates module is used to Configure Shipping Cost on sales orders for certain shipping methods in odoo. When customers select these certain shipping methods, they will be redirected to a Thank You page instead of Payment Page and you can send the order to them on Mail from backend after setting up shipping prices.

Website Shipping Rates
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Donation Payments Module allows user to donate money of specific amount set by administrator and supports various payment acquirers for the same | Donation | Donation amount | Donation Payment | Donation Stripe | Donation Master Card | Donation Wire Transfer |

Donation Payments
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Allows pop-up to be shown when the user comes to the landing page| Website Landing Popup | Landing Popup | Advertising | Show Popup Product | Custom Popup Url | Custom Advertising Popups | Landing Page Popup |

Website Landing Popup
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This Module destroys Cart if payment not done within time.| Website | Website Shop | Website Sale | Website Cart | Website Add To Cart | Website Cart Timer | Cart TimeOut | Customer Payment Timer | Website Custom Timer | Automatic Cart Empty | Cart Empty | Clear Cart Product |

Website Sale Cart Timeout
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This module allow to show Product Variant in matrix view in website sale and user directly add product in cart from matrix view.

Website Sale Variants Matrix View
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A useful module which allows you to put sliders on the web pages using snippets in an easy and professional manner

Website Slider Snippets
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This module allows a customer to request a quote rather than do a checkout. This module is extremely helpful in cases where the price of a certain product cannot be ascertained or there shipping is difficult to be calculated or user wants more discount. The Quote goes to the backend, the backend administrator does the required changes and an email with a payment link, quote amount is sent to the customer. Upon receipt of the same the customer can make the payment and all further process follows.

Website Submit Quote
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Be able to define timelines in various forms using beautiful snippets provided in this module

Website Timeline Snippest
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