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View product variants in matrix view

Website Sale Variants Matrix View
Kanak Infosystems LLP.
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Are you running the store with a large catalog of products? Wanna bring store usability to a new high level? This module is useful to show the category page for the shop. It provides easy catalog images to make the display of categories list more presentable. Grab user's attention on your store page, providing them with the immediate loadable categories listing. The default odoo category bar in the shop doesn't provide a user-friendly way to browse catalogs. Our extension allows you to use better navigation displaying all categories list on the category page. Our module is also useful to show the category name heading on the category page. Easy for customer to navigate different category. Shop Category page, Category page, E-commerce Category page, Odoo Category Page, Website Category page, Shop Catalog page, Catalog page, E-commerce Catalog page, Odoo Catalog Page, Website Catalog page

Website Category Page
Softhealer Technologies
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Odoo E-commerce full text (fulltext) product search

Website Ecommerce Full Text Search
Beolla Digital
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Website Sale Hide Product Price

Website Sale Hide Product Price
iPredict IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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Payment Acquirer: More infos on integrated payment gateways,

PIT Solutions Plugin for Wallee
PIT Solutions AG
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simplify the ordering process for wholesales, business to business sites, or any customer who would like to add multiple variants of the same product in cart at once.

Website Product Variants Add to Cart (Wholesale / Bulk Order)
Jothimani R
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Paytrail: Payment Gateway Implementation

Paytrail Payment Acquirer
Kanak Infosystems LLP.
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This apps helps to recover the Abandoned Cart by email reminder/notification to the customer.s

Website Abandoned Cart Recovery/Reminder
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Manage Product Price Module, Hide Product Price App, Remove Goods Price Module, Temporary Invisible Product Price , Price Manage, Manage Product Price Odoo

Call For Price
Softhealer Technologies
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Merchants occasionally have products and services where prices should be hidden for many reasons. These items might free, out of stock or their prices change frequently and need to be verified by phone, email and etc. The product prices will become a consensus between merchants and their customer. Call For Price is a tool with flexible option, you can effectively manage all the product price status by decide which are display, which must be contact to know price. Product that enable call for price will be hide the price and “Add to cart” button, then add a button “Request for quote”. Customer click the button to send price request to merchant.

Request for quotation
Softhealer Technologies
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Set Auto Related Product, Provide Automatic Related Products, Provide Related Products, Auto Related Products Module, Default Related Products App, Automatic related Products,set default products Odoo

Auto Related Products
Softhealer Technologies
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Pro Ecommerce Website SEO solution for product and category with redirected URL functioanlity.

Ecommerce Website SEO With URL Re-write
Almighty Consulting Services
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This apps helps to upload file/Attachment on Odoo Website

Website File Upload(Upload Attachment)
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Combine two or more products together in order to create a bundle product by website

Website Product Bundle
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This apps helps to request a quote from Website by Customer/Visitor

Website Get Quote Odoo Shop
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Show Product stock on website, Display Out of stock tag when stock not available

Website Product Stock
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This Module helps to add product review and rating on eCommerce shop at Odoo

Website Product Review/Rating
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hide product per customer, invisible product on web shop per login user, limited product for guest or any user user, website product filter

Website Product Visibility Per Customer Or Guest
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Sale only available products on Website

Sale only available products on Website
IT-Projects LLC , Ivan Yelizariev
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Odoo e-commerce advanced search.

Advanced Search in ECommerce
Cybrosys Techno Solutions
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