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Oleksandr Komarov

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HR Employee Passport & Visa
Craftsync Technologies

This App has Extra Features in HR hr employee training hr employees training hr traininig training practise course subject employee training employees training hr employees training Hr employees training HR employees training hr employee's training Hr employee's training HR Employee's Training hr employee's Training HR Employee's training hr Employees Training HR employee's training Hr employee Training HR Employee Training hr employee trainings hr employees trainings hr traininig trainings practise course subject employee trainings employees trainings hr employee's trainings Hr employee's trainings HR Employee's trainings hr employee's trainings HR Employee's trainings hr Employees trainings HR employee's trainings Hr employee trainings HR Employee trainings

HR Employee Training
Craftsync Technologies

This module allows offering extra discount to the customer in their birthday month once.

Pos Birthday Discount
Kanak Infosystems LLP.

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