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Dairy farm management system is use to manage data related to Dairy Animals, milk and manure Manages Animals Data ( Health, Weight, Breeding) Animals Daily Milk Sheet and Milk inventory<br/> Milk Distribution and Grain purchase and other expenses Manure Collection, Inventory and Distribution Milk ledger, income analysis and farm accouting Health, Weight, Breeding PDF and other reports Milk management system Animal management system Dairy farm management

Dairy Farm Management

Calculate kit capacity and bom capacity of bill of materails. Available in time of sale order or manufacuring and bill of material

Bill of Material (kit) Capacity

Manage Freight Transportation Management and Logistics System which has key features which include transporter details. Vehicle,route LR number of parcelinformation for all delivery order details. Create auto entry transport entry with reporting those entries make it more easy to operate Transport details in Odoo. Manage Trans-shipment and vehicle by transporter and Transport Delivery Charge. Freight Transport Management and Delivery Routes Delivery Transport Mangement with Freight Transport for Delivery and Picking Order

Transport Management System

Quality Management System which manages Quality Control Points and Instructions. Quality control plans to trigger quality checks at specific inventory operations and Define quality instructions or rules to automate actions Quality Control Product Quality Product Inspection Production Instruction Quality Alerts Quality Checks

Quality Management System

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