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Lines of code 29508
Technical Name theme_clarico_vega
Versions 13.0 16.0 14.0 15.0
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On Premise
Odoo Apps Dependencies Blogs (website_blog)
Discuss (mail)
Website (website)
eCommerce (website_sale)
Invoicing (account)
Inventory (stock)
Email Marketing (mass_mailing)
Contacts (contacts)
Community Apps Dependencies
Lines of code 29508
Technical Name theme_clarico_vega
Versions 13.0 16.0 14.0 15.0

Theme Clarico Vega

Clarico Vega, a bonzer theme that wraps all the top-notch qualities in it!

The Clarico Vega is a Modern, Clean & Sectioned Odoo eCommerce Theme.Crafted to be Pixel Perfect, it is suitable for eCommerce sites of all types of industries like Furniture, Fashion, Electronics, Beauty, Health & Fitness, Jewellery, Sports, etc.Being fully Responsive, it looks equally stunning on all kinds of screens and devices. The theme is designed keeping in mind the delivery of great user experience to your customers, and also a user-friendly interface for the admin to manage the store flawlessly. Rest assured, The Clarico Vega will make your web store look stunningly beautiful.

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Facts about theme Clarico Vega
Trusted By Customers
More then 1500 themes have been sold, and former customer are highly pleased with the new versions of the theme.
Consistent Quality
Every version we deliver is thoroughly tested and error-free, and we never miss on updating them with exciting features.
Responsive Web design
We have optimized our theme to work on all the devices and different screen resolutions, keeping in mind the user experience.
Fast & top-tier support
We are always available when you need us. A timely solution to support queries is what have always prioritized.
Open to feedback
We love to hear what you think about our products, and our theme often gets updates based on customer feedback. Your word is important to us!
Free updates on the same version
Once you are our customer,you will get free updates of the theme for the same odoo version, which may have new features or technical updations in it.

Search for Products & Categories, Brands and Attributes

Powerful advanced search on product names, product categories, product brands and product attributes along with smart suggestions

Search Synonyms Groups

Administrator user can prepare different types of synonyms groups to make advanced search operation more effective and efficient for website visitor user

Search Keyword Report

1. It is useful for administrator user to view the keywords (along with its numbers) used by website visitor users to perform search operation

2.Administrator user can utilize this report data to enhance product details on the website and attract more customers to browse the website

Dynamic Mega Menu

Make your website navigation more user-friendly which is indeed easy to configure for Admin as well.

Advanced Mini Cart

The Ajax mini cart makes it easy for your users to update the products in the cart without leaving the current page.

Highlight Menu

Set different background colors, text colors, etc. for any specific menu to highlight it from other menus in the navigation area.

Menu Label

Make any menu eye-catchy and unique by setting a custom label on it.
A power-packed bunch of snippets to showcase your products the way you want. This tool brings you an easy interface to select products quickly and display theme in a variety of UI layout snippets.

3 new designs

New attractive designs of product slider
A power-packed bunch of snippets to showcase your products the way you want. This tool brings you an easy interface to select products quickly and display theme in a variety of UI layout snippets.

Filter option

Display products with a specific brand or discounted products

Disable Add to Cart For Guest Users

Disable the add to cart buton for not logged-in users; when you wish to keep some information confidential from guest users.

Hide Product Price For Guest Users

Hide the pricing for not logged-in users; when you wish to keep some information confidential from guest users.

Product Price including/excluding Tax

Display product price including/excluding tax to the customer by pricelist

Allow selected countries for order checkout

Allow only selected country group to place orders as per your business needs

Hide out-of-stock products

1. Hide out-of-stock products from overall website.
2. Customers can hide out-of-stock products by filter

3 Header Styles

Choose the best-suited header for your shop from available outstanding styles.

40+ Snippets

Title(Headling) Styles
Offer Banners
Offer Timers
Dynamic Brand Slider
Dynamic Category Slider
Service Plan (Pricing) Snippet
Team Block Styles
Customer Testimonial Blocks
Info Blocks with Text & Images
Statistics Count Snippet
The theme clarico vega comes with predefined styles to help you set up your website in no time.


Design an attractive button styles as you wish with animation & gradient options
The theme clarico vega comes with predefined styles to help you set up your website in no time.

Login & Register Popup

Dynamic Product Tabs

To reduce the Admin's effort in configuration, create a dynamic product tab that will be assigned to all products globally.

Dynamic Discount Message

Automatically calculate the percentage discount and display it on the applicable products.

Quick View

Let your users have a glimpse of the product information without opening the product page every time.

Shipping Text

A custom block on the product page to show the shipping time and return time limit.

Swatch Tooltip

The swatches in the product options make the visual representation strong and self-explanatory for the customer.

Product Documents

You can add multiple documents like terms & conditions or a user guide in your desired file format and assign them to all products globally.

Lazy Load

Lazy load in product images boosts the page performance by loading images only when needed.

Out Of Stock Label

The out-of-stock label will automatically appear on the products when they are not in quantity in your warehouse.

Hide Variant Details and Product Description

Make the cart details page and cart summary look clean and arranged by hiding the product description and details of selected variants.

Load More

Infinite Scroll is used for loading more products through Ajax without refreshing the page.

Advanced Price Filter

A variety of filters to let the users find the product accurately out of the entire product collection.

Display Rating

Enrich the product page and the listing page with the reviews and ratings of the product.

Product Count

Display the product count available for each attribute value in the shop filter.

Lazy Load

The products and the data get loaded as and when the page is scrolled thus increasing page performance..

Brand Filter

Brand filter along with brand icons is a user-friendly way for filtering products as per the brands.
The theme clarico vega comes with predefined styles to help you set up your website in no time.

Brand Listing

The dynamic brand listing page is designed to promote the brand catalog separately in your store.

Brand Listing

The dynamic brand listing page is designed to promote the brand catalog separately in your store.

Brand Page

Display all products from a particular brand on a single page with an SEO-friendly URL

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Create a Support Ticket

If you face any issues while using our app and the issue is arising due to our app, we provide you complementary support for a duration of 90 days from the date of purchase of the respective app.

To create a support ticket, please register on Emipro Support Desk and provide us necessary information to help you resolve the issue.

Emipro Support Desk



Support Policy



Yes, Clarico Vega v15 is compatible with Odoo's Multi Website Feature. If you have multiple websites in Odoo v15 and want to have different look and feel for each website, you can install Theme Clarico Vega for each website and change the look & feel as per your need.

Yes, the theme installation is very simple and can happen with just a click.
If you just have a single website associated with your Odoo Database, you can simply go to the app list, find the theme there and click the Install button.
If you are using Odoo 15's Multi Website Feature, you need to follow the below steps for installation.
Login into your database and Go to Website --> Configuration --> Settings. Select Website and then click on "Pick a Theme" button.You will be redirected to the available themes list and from there you can install Theme Clarico Vega. The same process has to be followed whenever want to update the theme. Note: It is not possible to install and use third party apps on the odoo SaaS/Odoo online platform.

No, you will not get any Images, PSD or demo data which is used to showcase the sample blocks in this Theme.

No, you do not have the rights to resell this theme. Your purchase is only valid for your own commercial use. It is not allowed to use anything related to the theme including the Source Code, Logo, Images etc in any distributed end products. Emipro owns the full Copyright of all the resources associated with the theme.

Clarico Vega is a fully customizable theme and our team can help you customize it as per your need. Theme Clarico Vega can be customized by anyone but getting it customized from the same expert team that has developed and carefully crafted it gives you an added advantage. Our team will ensure that you get what you need without compromising the technical integrity of the theme or Odoo itself. Please fill out the Contact Us form to request customization.

Yes, we do. Being a Certified Odoo Gold Partner, we provide end-to-end services in Odoo. In our Odoo team, we have a special department for Odoo Website & eCommerce that consists of several Senior Odoo Experts, eCommerce Analysists, Graphic Designers, Web Designers & SEO Experts who have years of experience in Odoo. Whether it is setting up the products with striking images and content, configuring payment methods, designing streamlined landing pages, optimizing your Odoo Website speed & performance or offering Digital Marketing Services, our specialists are always ready to help you. We request you to Contact Us if you are interested in our Odoo Website & Implementation Services.

Yes, this theme works perfectly well with Odoo Enterprise (On-premise and Odoo.SH) as well as Community. Odoo Online (Cloud) does not allow installation of third-party apps/themes and hence this theme cannot be installed on Odoo Online.

Free Update (Same Odoo Version)

Yes, we provide free updates to Theme Clarico Vega for the same Odoo Version. We make changes to the theme from time to time and make sure that all our customers benefit from it. You can always download the latest version of the theme, replace your old theme module with the latest theme module, go to the website settings, find the website in which Theme Clarico Vega is installed and update the Theme.

Free Upgrade to new odoo version

No, you will have to purchase the theme for the new Odoo version. As per the new policy of Odoo, starting from version 13.0, every version of the module is to be bought separately. Which would mean that from V13 onwards you will have to purchase theme/app separately for every version. A theme must be purchased separately in order to be used for individual Odoo versions.


Kindly read our Support Policy to know more in detail.

You can contact us to avail the extra features. Our Sales Team will make you an offer to include these extra features on your current Theme Clarico.

The cost of migrating a theme, is not included into purchased module of Theme Clarico Vega. It will considered as a separate service with additional charges.


Version 16.2.2 (31 May 2023)
New Feature
  • Speed up the shop page by adding the show more option to the filter

Version 16.2.1 (09 May 2023)
UI/UX Improvement
  • Minor bug fixing
  • Mega menu UI/UX improvement

Version 16.2.0 (07 Apr 2023)
New Feature
  • Image hotspot

Version 16.1.2 (03 Feb 2023)
New Feature
  • Multiple design options for Product Countdown Timer

Version 16.1.1 (20 Jan 2023)
New Feature
  • Updated design of Mini cart
  • 5 new blog styles
  • Product add to cart notification with: tiny notification, cart sidebar and confirmation pop-up
  • New Dynamic Product Slider(Product Template)
UI/UX Improvement
  • Minor bug fixing
  • Mega menu UI/UX improvement

Version 16.1.0 (02 Jan 2023)
New Feature
  • Dynamic Brand & Category Slider
  • 40+ Snippets
  • 2 New product ribbon styles
  • Hide out-of-stock products
  • Allow only selected countries for order checkout
  • Offer timer on the product page
  • Display Product Price including/excluding Tax to a specific customer(Option in pricelist)
  • Attractive Cart Sidebar
UI/UX Improvement
  • Fix minor design issues

Version 16.0.0 (10 Dec 2022)
  • Initial release
Odoo Proprietary License v1.0
This software and associated files (the "Software") may only be used (executed,
modified, executed after modifications) if you have purchased a valid license
from the authors, typically via Odoo Apps, or if you have received a written
agreement from the authors of the Software (see the COPYRIGHT file).
You may develop Odoo modules that use the Software as a library (typically
by depending on it, importing it and using its resources), but without copying
any source code or material from the Software. You may distribute those
modules under the license of your choice, provided that this license is
compatible with the terms of the Odoo Proprietary License (For example:
LGPL, MIT, or proprietary licenses similar to this one).
It is forbidden to publish, distribute, sublicense, or sell copies of the Software
or modified copies of the Software.
The above copyright notice and this permission notice must be included in all
copies or substantial portions of the Software.

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  • This section is meant to ask simple questions or leave a rating. Every report of a problem experienced while using the module should be addressed to the author directly (refer to the following point).
  • If you want to start a discussion with the author or have a question related to your purchase, please use the support page.
on 10/26/23, 3:40 AM

I am pleased to provide my sincere endorsement to Emipro for their exceptional service. Their Vega theme is user-friendly and it made it extremely easy for our team to adapt to the new system, and their ongoing support ensures that any issues are promptly resolved. The team has gone above and beyond in delivering excellent solutions for our organization, and I am extremely satisfied with the outcomes. Right from the start, they have demonstrated a deep understanding of our business needs and challenges. They took the time to listen to our requirements and goals, and their expertise in Odoo programming quickly became apparent. The way they customized Odoo to perfectly align with our unique business processes was truly impressive. Throughout the project, their communication was flawless. They kept us updated at every development stage, providing regular progress reports and promptly addressing any inquiries or concerns. This level of transparency and professionalism fostered a strong sense of trust and collaboration. In fact they work so efficiently that we could not keep up. Thank you for a job well done!

Very happy with the theme and support !
Stian Heidenreich-Riis
on 10/2/23, 4:44 AM

The looks of Clarico Vega template i amazing! It is very customizable, and the support-team are very fast and helpful if we have any questions or issues.

Incredible support team and very generous
Sherif B. Zaki
on 9/15/23, 5:12 AM

I bought the theme they helped me with setup and configure all the features and the logged in my database to show me how to enable it . they was very helpful and after a while I had a problem an error message shows in my server the have a great technical background they identify the problem through google meet meeting and guide me to how to solve it and they logged into the server and they solved with very professional way .
thank you very very very much for the support . 

Awesome theme and excellent support
Ulises Gamboa
on 9/14/23, 1:57 AM

We are very happy with the support and really surprised with this theme, we highly recommend it.

Mahmoud Hasan
on 8/24/23, 5:47 AM

good theme and excellent support, no problems so far 



Good theme and good support
Loris Kalich
on 6/22/23, 6:38 AM

Quick and helpful assistance with a setup issue, no problems as of now.

!! Correction of the evaluation below - Install Theme
Pierre Vandenborre
on 6/5/23, 9:59 AM

All my apologies  to the Empiro Team!

This is well indicate that Third party apps is not supported  with Odoo Cloud

Deepal  help me with the right process and was resolved in 5 min 

I will use develop services of Empiro, very pro team 



Nice theme but support is dramatic
on 3/2/23, 2:14 AM

I have been working with Emipro for 6 months on a few simple customisations.  After 4 months they said I need to migrate my entire database to v16 to be able to finish the last customisations.  Then now, we are 2 months in the migration process because they changed field names in their code, that we built upon further and they don't seem to be able to migrate my database to v16 properly.  Every time they claim it's done, it's simply not working, not tested.  I have worked with many IT companies for over 20 years and have never experienced this.  It's a simple lack of wanting to finish the project 100%.  It has gone beyond "frustrating" now.

Re: Nice theme but support is dramatic
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
on 4/7/23, 9:46 AM Author

Hello seppe,

We are sorry to read your frustrating review. 

We would like to mention here that based on your feedback when Odoo v16 was just released and you wanted to upgrade from v15 to v16, we had initially just recommended you not to start this customization in v15 as it may cost you more and it might be a time-consuming process to migrate that customization from v15 to v16.

However, considering your urgency we have provided you with the agreed deliverables in v15 and made changes as you requested.

Our technical support is not responsible for the v16 migration issues caused by the add-on customizations that your tech person made based on our v15 module. To make the module compatible with Odoo's new changes, we need to make the necessary technical changes while upgrading the module to the latest version. In spite of that, we never think about going the extra mile in providing a solution and support that makes you satisfied with the output.

We are still open to providing standard theme support. Feel free to create a support ticket on Emipro's support portal. 

Wishing you a good time ahead.

Mahaseel AlBon
on 12/26/22, 11:26 PM

Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
on 12/29/22, 5:09 AM Author

Hello Mahaseel,

It is a pleasure to receive such an excellent rating for our product and services from you. This gesture of yours is highly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Team Emipro

Gracias Equipo Emipro
on 11/16/23, 8:51 AM Confirmed Purchase

Tengo que reconocer que la plantilla que elegimos Clarico Vega cumplió con nuestras expectativas, así mismo el soporte del equipo Emipro  es totalmente impecable.

Saludos desde PERU, un abrazo.


Excellent support
on 10/10/23, 9:50 AM

Quick and helpful assistance with a setup issue. The support-team is fast and helpful regarding any questions or issues.

Awesome theme and excellent support
Oksana Kovalchuk
on 9/21/23, 7:51 AM

The module fully corresponds to the description and is easy to configure.
Technical support is prompt and qualified

Great Theme and Support
Fawzi Aoudeh
on 9/18/23, 9:22 AM Confirmed Purchase

I can highly recommend Emipro! the Theme is amazing! Our shop has become Amazon like.

My special thanks go to Deepal Joshi! great response time and quick delivery.

Simple and useful theme. Technical support answer quickly
ahmet alhendi
on 9/8/23, 12:20 AM

Paul Kersten
on 9/5/23, 12:33 PM Confirmed Purchase

Hi does the B2B tool has a registration form ?

Can you set turnover related discounts for b2b clients ?

Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
on 9/6/23, 9:22 AM Author


Greetings from Emipro!

I would suggest that you kindly connect with our sales department. You can send an email with your requirements to info@emiprotechnologies.com 

Best Regards,
Team Emipro

Paul Kersten
on 9/5/23, 12:33 PM Confirmed Purchase

Hi does the B2B tool has a registration form ?

Can you set turnover related discounts for b2b clients ?

E-commerce categories
Ezgi Su Atay
on 9/4/23, 10:34 AM


Is there any limitation on the maximum number of e-commerce category nesting?

Because I am currently having an error while I am trying to add the 4th e-commerce category nest.


Re: E-commerce categories
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
on 9/5/23, 6:04 AM Author


Greetings from Emipro!

We would love to help you in resolving the issue as soon as possible. I request you to create a support ticket to report the issue. Please refer to the link below to create a support ticket.


Our support person will attend to your ticket on a priority basis and help you resolve any and all issues that you are facing.

Best Regards,
Team Emipro

Quick support and follow-up
Ulises Gamboa
on 8/29/23, 4:30 PM Confirmed Purchase

Excellent support and issue tracking. All good for the moment.

André Deiß
on 7/1/23, 2:33 PM

They blame Odoo for the mobile speed. 

So attention, before you buy, check the speed. Only to be clear about that. This was their answer:

When will you improve Mobile for getting 90+ Rating?
When odoo improves :)

Also after two more emails, no response from their support for detailed questions.

And If you delete again my rating, you look even more suspicious.

Re: Bad
Emipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
on 7/5/23, 5:44 AM Author

Hello André,

We are sorry to read your frustrating review. 

Could you please provide me with the ticket number that you have generated in our Emipro portal account? We will check and get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you

on 6/14/23, 10:27 AM Confirmed Purchase

Nice theme and nice support
Raffaele Amalfitano
on 6/9/23, 9:59 AM

Very nice theme and great support team!
Special thanks to Deepal and Ravi!

fake Easy top install in one click !
Pierre Vandenborre
on 6/2/23, 7:13 AM Confirmed Purchase


On the Faqs is indicated Easy top install in one click !

This is not true, this no function , and also my purchase are not integration on my app panel !

Oddo Ecommerce is realy not a good solution and this template also not !

Not buy this one 

One click install theme no exist in Oddo 16
Pierre Vandenborre
on 6/1/23, 12:00 PM Confirmed Purchase

 Settings. Select Website and then click on "Pick a Theme" butto

This nos existing ! 

I am full blocked 

Does the banner image scale to fit mobile screen?
Nguyen Vu
on 4/10/23, 2:13 AM

I have tested the demo site on my IP11 but it seems that the image of the banner is cropped 

Does it support Arabic fonts?
Abdulaziz Alanazi
on 3/25/23, 10:02 AM

Brand Listing
on 2/16/23, 9:12 AM Confirmed Purchase

Is Brand Listing support arabic