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Odoo WooCommerce Connector
Pragmatic TechSoft Pvt Ltd.
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GroupBy Expand/Collapse used to collapse and expand all the records in list group by view. GroupBy Expand/Collapse GroupBy Expand Collapse Odoo GroupBy Expand/Collapse Module Odoo GroupBy Expand/Collapse App Odoo GroupBy Expand Collapse Module Odoo GroupBy Expand Collapse App Odoo module Odoo Data management Odoo Expand groups Odoo Collapse groups Odoo Data groups Odoo Group Expand View Odoo Group Collapse View Odoo Group management Odoo Single click expand Odoo Single click collapse Odoo Expand by Collapse Odoo List view Odoo Data organization Odoo Efficient data handling Odoo Grouped data Odoo Grouped data management Odoo Open groups Odoo Close groups Odoo Expand data Odoo Collapse data Odoo Time-saving Odoo Data navigation Odoo Data exploration Odoo Workspace organization Odoo Data groups control Odoo Expand and Collapse Odoo Group view Odoo Expand all Odoo Collapse all Odoo Data categories Odoo Data groups toggle Odoo Data efficiency Odoo Expandable lists Odoo Collapsible lists Odoo Data overview Odoo data groups Odoo Data group visibility Odoo list management Odoo Expandable data groups Odoo Collapsible data groups Odoo Data grouping Odoo efficiency tool Odoo Data handling Odoo Simplified data management Odoo User-friendly data tool Odoo Data group expand Odoo Data group collapse Odoo Grouped data toggle Odoo Efficient workflow Odoo Data group control Odoo Expand data groups Odoo Collapse data groups Odoo Data group management Odoo Group toggle Odoo data tool Odoo Organized data Odoo Group expand feature Odoo Group collapse feature Odoo Data group overview Odoo Quick data access Odoo Multiple Records Expand/Collapse Odoo Data group interface Odoo Group control feature Odoo Simplify data view Odoo Grouped list view Odoo Data view management Odoo data handling Odoo Expand/collapse tool Odoo Efficient data tool Odoo workflow Odoo Expand group functionality Odoo Collapse group functionality Odoo group management Odoo Data handling tool Odoo Organized workspace Odoo Data visibility control Odoo Group data access Odoo Data accessibility Odoo Data group navigation Odoo Streamline data handling Odoo Quick group access Odoo Group visibility toggle Odoo Data toggle feature Odoo Enhanced data view Odoo Group data efficiency Odoo data toggle Odoo User-friendly interface Odoo Data overview control Odoo Data access efficiency Odoo productivity tool Odoo Group data overview Odoo Simplified group management Odoo Streamlined data view Odoo Data expand feature Odoo Data collapse feature Odoo Data organization tool Odoo group control Odoo Grouped data interface Odoo expand/collapse Odoo Efficient group navigation Odoo Quick data toggle Odoo Multiple Records Expand Odoo Multiple Records Collapse

Group By Expand Collapse
Zehntech Technologies Inc.

Change default pos receipt design to table design.

POS Receipt Table Design

Do not send 'You have been assigned' notification to followers of the document

No Auto Subscribe Notify

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