New design & Navigation

Simply beautiful

Based on Material Design. Simple, clear, and great to work with.


Data loading is fast. Instantaneous apps switcher.

Simple filters & groups

Predefined filters allowing to view most useful data in one click.

Easy navigation

Rearranged menus to bring what you need closer to your fingers.

Fully mobile

The design will automatically and rightly adjust menu, lists, forms & fields to the size of the PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Usability & On-boarding

Contextual menu

Creation of dashboards per application for a better navigation, including overview of key indicators and pending next actions. Quick graphical overview of the evolution of the most relevant indicators.

On-boarding planners

Dynamic tips - small tutorials to help you configure Odoo based on your business needs, and step-by-step guide to get started, including tips & tricks.

Apps Split

HR and Marketing apps are split into Employees, Recruitment, Timesheet, Appraisal, Leaves, Expense, Survey, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation. Contact, Calendar, MRP and Repair are now separated apps.


New responsive Date Picker widget.

Customization tools

Easier access to configuration options in each app.

General form view improvements

Revision of the main forms to easily view and edit most important data, and removal of unused fields from the form.

Smart Translation

Keep the translation valid after changing e.g., a grammar mistake in the original version, but not after more important change.

Smoother Search views

Streamlined search views with smoother integration in pivot tables and graphs, along with dynamic grouping.


Better on-boarding

New Dashboard for a better overview of the sales activities. Useful tips and best practices to configure and deploy your CRM.

Activities and calls management

Organize sequence of activities per opportunity. Schedule activities. Log every activity immediately in the opportunity's chatter with predefined actions. Track, log and analyse the activities of your team.

Pipeline Management

Set up specific stages for each sales team. Possibility to create sub-stages to better organize the processes. Automatic archiving of lost opportunities. Manual archiving of other opportunities. Lost is no longer a stage but a separate field, enabling more powerful analysis of pipeline - e.g. Lost ratio per stage.

Customize stages

Customize your pipeline by adding description on stages.

Lead scoring

Score your leads based on explicit and implicit criteria. Decide which total score deserves to be converted into an opportunity.

Lost reasons

Analyze lost reasons on your opportunities to improve your sales effectiveness.

Revised configuration options

Activate leads if needed.


Simplified Price-lists

A single version per price-list. Easily add one or more price-lists to individual product depending of your customer’s segment. Configure it depending on ordered quantities and/or time period. 3 configuration modes for price-lists: None, simple or advanced.

Manage invoicing from sales orders

Invoicing policy is configured in the product but managed from the sales order.

Contracts have changed

Contract are split into Odoo Subscriptions for recurring invoicing and Odoo Sales with improved sales orders for other types. ex: Invoice is based on deliver/orders quantities, on prepaid services, time sheets and expenses, project tasks, etc.

New dashboard

Get a full overview on your activity, next actions and performances.

Sales order modified

Possibility to modify, remain opened, invoice kits.

Expiry date

By default, an automatic expiry date is calculated into the invoice.

Invoice tracking

Easily follow the created and confirmed invoices.

Create quotations

Online sales quotations are faster and easier to design.

Multi company rules

Automatically mirror sales orders and purchase orders in multi-company setup.


Incoterms now appear on the invoice.


Recurring invoice

Create recurring invoice rule for a customer.Recurring products are automatically linked to periodically invoiced contracts.

Customer Portal

Self-subscription & management from the customer portal, define service options and setup fees.


Dashboard with graphs & KPI's.

Revenue recognition

Automatic recognition of revenues as they incur.



Generate reports for any time period, comparing time period. Get dynamic calculation of certain fields eg. YTD earning. Create multiple annotations. Multiple standard reports are available - Profit & Lost, cash flow statements, cash reports, executive summary and aged payable/receivables, etc. Get standard reports and chart of accounts available for 80+ countries. Export to Excel and pdf.

Perpetual fiscal year closing

No need to report balance sheet accounts from one year to another. Automatic calculation of P&L based on chosen dates, only need to write the handling of earnings for closure. Choose lock entry dates for non advisers and all users.

Better reconciliation

Automatic reconciliations. New interface for manual reconciliations, for both open and paid invoices. Learning of account numbers based on first manual reconciliation.

Simplified configuration

Only few fields required to get started, simplified creation of accounts.

Analytic Accounting

Hierarchies in analytic accounts are replaced by tags on journal items, and filters on tags (work in progress).

Invoicing and Payments

Bank statements

Synchronization with 24,000 banks, mostly in US, Australia and New-Zealand. Importation of files in format: OFX, QIF, CSV, CODA.


Sepa payments. Check printing in US format.

Multi-company rules

Automatically mirror orders and invoices in multi-company setup (Create a sales orders in company A and automatically Odoo generates a Purchase Order in company B).


Actions and specific information based on journal type.

Customers payments

Batch deposit available. Customer Statements : Manage the follow-up from a single simplified interface.

Currency rate

Automatic update of currency rates base on a chosen frequency: daily, weekly, monthly.

Payments terms

Simplified management view.


Electronic contracts

Customized the editable fields in the PDF with the drag & drop function. Choose to repeat on every page some fields.


Send the right version depending of the position of the person who'll sign.

Document management

Prepare documents. Share documents to one or multiple person, with automatic consolidation of multiple signed documents sent in parallel. Create templates.

Legally valid

Legal in US, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New-Zealand.


Calls on opportunities

Create a dial queue on customers or opportunities, call from the browser automatically or manually.

Receiving calls

An auto pop-up is generated for receiving calls.


Reschedule or send email for failed calls.


Integrated with Asterisk v13.2 VOIP server.

Point of sale

Loyalty cards and rewards system

Give points by order, by spent amount or by purchased products and setup a reward (discount, gift item or resale).

Kitchen & bar printing

Send your orders to the kitchen or to the bar, according to the product sold, through wireless.

Register customers

Select and create customer form easily. Take a picture of customer directly with your tablet.

Waitress tip management

Accept customers extra tips or convert their change into a tip.

Manual discounts

Allow manual cashier discounts.

Fiscal positions

Define a fiscal position per POS.

Split bills

Orders can be paid in separate payments or split into multiple new orders.

Restaurant floor plan

Get an overview of you restaurant floor and tables with the graphical editor. Know exactly who is sitting where and how many seats you have left.

Navigate orders per table

Assign orders to tables and makes changes on the go with the graphical editor.

Multiple barcodes

Configure multiple barcodes for the same product with barcode nomenclature.

Receipt reprinting

Let cashiers manually reprint POS receipts.

Project management

Customize pipeline

Change name of “task/issues”. Change the meaning of the green/red status. Create specific stages per project. Define the process through custom tool-tips for each stage. Create tasks from sales orders.

Service Rating

Configure the automatic email sent to customers after each milestone and receive their feedback directly. Analyze overall rating by project to improve your process.

Automatic project email address

A ready-to-use email address is automatically created at the project creation.

Create tasks

Send an email to a project to create a task. All recipients/cc. of the email will be added as follower of the task.

Portal front-end

Customers have access to their tickets from the portal.


Better statistics. Archive tasks. Help desk management removed and replaced by issues.



Prepare multiple versions of your website and switch from one to another in one click.

New building block

New building blocks, such as the "table" block for displaying detailed products info, the "Gallery" block for showcasing pictures or the newsletter popup.

New website editor

Improved usability and more flexibility.

A/B testing

Create two versions of a page and run live experiments to find out which one performs best. Analyze results directly on Google Analytics.

Link tracker

Add a tracking code to your URL's and measure all your marketing campaigns from the first click to the final sale.

Odoo Slides

Share videos and presentations directly on your website. Manage privacy by channel.


Sell digital products

You can now add digital products like eBooks to your online catalog.

Payment provider and SIPS Worldline have been added to the list of online payment methods along with Ogone, Paypal, Ayden and Buckaroo.

New building blocks

Describe products in a table to give maximum of specifications.

Integration with Amazon and eBay

Configure product feed. Get orders.

New customer portal

Customers can follow their purchase statuses and history through a personal portal.

Order review

See details of your order at the end of the process.

Skip shipping address

Shipping address no more required when providing only services.

Product stock

Display available stock on products.


New building blocks

Easily put floating image inside your text block.


Easily select the name of a coworker to grant blog post authorship.

Cover management

You now have the ability to easily remove the cover.


Blog home page has been reviewed and improved.


Discussions & links

Share links from any website and start regular discussions threads.

Improved tag management

Easily filter questions and answers with tags.

Social sharing

Share your questions and answers on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Improved user interface

Better browse through content with a cleaner front-end.


Stock forecast reporting

Get forecast of product availability based on confirmed sales orders, purchase orders or manufacturing orders as well as internal moves.

New barcodes mechanism

New unified interface. Scan the goods and confirm the reception or sending of those only through the scanner. Support EAN13, EAN14.


Delivery methods reviewed. Easier and faster to fill.

Multiple barcodes

Create custom barcodes with specific codes to implement desired behaviors, such as a specific promotion.

Shippers integration

Support DHL, USPS, UPS, Fedex. Generate the sending labels from the shipper. Track and trace your packages from Odoo.


Manage subscriptions

Register several people at once. During the subscription process, the participant will be able to detail each attendee in a new screen.

Auto confirmation

Automatically receive a confirmation of your event and registration.

Edit menu

Create a menu with several page for advanced events.


Promote your events with customized mailings and automatic reminders.


Add custom questions at subscriptions, per attendee or per subscription. Customize entrance badges and analyze attendee profile.


Better search filters

Search products with the supplier reference on the purchase order.

Invoicing control

Automatic control between invoices and purchase orders.

Multi-company rules

Automatically mirror sales orders and purchase orders in multi-company setup.

Purchase orders

No more generation of draft PO. Auto-complete when generating a draft invoice.

Human resources

Split Apps

Odoo HR is now Odoo Appraisal, Odoo Expense, Odoo Fleet, Odoo Employees, Odoo Leaves, Odoo Recruitment and Odoo Timesheet.

Employees' monthly presence

HR managers can easily report employees' monthly presence with new menu entry and state.


Easily configure who should receive a form. Define & select forms per roles. Manage evaluation schedule with stages.

Employees leaves summary

HR managers can easily manage payrolls with new employees leaves summary. Use green button for approved and calculated leaves and grey button for pending leaves that will be managed later.


Process each expense individually.


Get a dashboard per manager.


A new app to record your hours


Chrome plugin app to enter time spent directly in Odoo. Cross device synchronization.

Easy recording

Click on button to record a time session from the browser. Work offline.

Get Organized

"Get things done" methodology used to manage planning. Statistics.


Undelivered emails

Track last 24 hours undelivered emails, and get notified why they failed.

New email designer

Get new snippets and 9 themes to create your emails campaigns.

Action Button in Email

Actions - like approvals - are immediately available in the email notifications.


Get real time statistics on email performance : delivery rate, open rate, click rate and bounce rate.

Link tracker integration

Add a tracking code to the links sent within your mail body and evaluate the revenue generated for each campaign.


A new way to collaborate through Odoo


Mention Odoo users (@odoo_username) in the conversation to raise their attention.


Create open groups called Channels to follow discussions on specific topics.

Private Groups

Create secret groups and invite the users.

Canned response

Create shortcuts to use already-made template answers to common questions in the live chat.

Rating system

Let your customer leave his feedback about your company services through the live chat.

Direct Chat

Chat with your colleagues while working in Odoo apps.

Equipment Management

Warranties overview

Manage warranties & lifetime of equipment (e.g. laptops, machines, etc.).


Create maintenance requests & track them.