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Technical Name base_multi_company
Versions 16.0 10.0 12.0 13.0 14.0 15.0 11.0
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Multi Company Base

This module provides an abstract model to be inherited by models that need to implement multi-company functionality.

No direct functionality is provided by this module.


Multi Company Abstract

The multi.company.abstract model is meant to be inherited by any model that wants to implement multi-company functionality. The logic does not require a pre-existing company field on the inheriting model, but will not be affected if one does exist.

When inheriting the multi.company.abstract model, you must take care that it is the first model listed in the _inherit array

class ProductTemplate(models.Model):
    _inherit = ["multi.company.abstract", "product.template"]
    _name = "product.template"
    _description = "Product Template (Multi-Company)"

The following fields are provided by multi.company.abstract:

  • company_ids - All of the companies that this record belongs to. This is a special res.company.assignment view, which allows for the circumvention of standard cross-company security policies. These policies would normally restrict a user from seeing another company unless it is currently operating under that company. Be aware of apples to oranges issues when comparing the records from this field against actual company records.
  • company_id - Passes through a singleton company based on the current user, and the allowed companies for the record.


A generic post_init_hook and uninstall_hook is provided, which will alter a pre-existing single-company security rule to be multi-company aware.

These hooks will unfortunately not work in every circumstance, but they cut out significant boilerplate when relevant.

import logging

_logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

    from odoo.addons.base_multi_company import hooks
except ImportError:
    _logger.info('Cannot find `base_multi_company` module in addons path.')

def post_init_hook(cr, registry):

def uninstall_hook(cr, registry):

A module implementing these hooks would need to first identify the proper rule for the record (product.product_comp_rule in the above example).

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