Taxes by Zip Code

v 10.0 Third Party 88
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Technical name blue_tax_by_zip

Tax by ZIP Code

Enter Sales Tax by ZIP Code.

Manage Tax Exemptions.


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Taxes by ZIP Code



The module is installed through Odoo's App interface. It will automatically install Odoo dependencies not already installed.


Creating a tax rate for a ZIP Code

Under the Invoicing module, go to Configuration -> Taxes by Zip. This will bring up list of ZIP codes that have a sales tax associated with them. Create a new entry for the ZIP Code. When an order is shipped to a customer with a delivery addess of that zip code, the additional tax will be applied.

Customers may still be charged tax per product or product category, which is the default Odoo tax calculation. Those rules are not managed by this module. So if you have a ZIP Code 99999 configured to have a tax of 3%, and your default tax rate is 5%, then any customers with a shipping address of 99999 will be charged a total tax of 8%.

Making a customer tax exempt

When looking at a customer, there is an Accounting tab with an entry for Resale Number. Putting an alphanumeric entry here with a minimum length of 16 will then make this customer tax exempt.

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