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Required Apps CRM (crm)
Technical Name facebook_lead
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Required Apps CRM (crm)
Technical Name facebook_lead

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Facebook Lead

This module is used for Retrive lead from facebook

User can Retive lead data from facebook and add into odoo lead

About :-

Introducing the facebook page lead integrated with the odoo lead. .

Spellbound soft solutions introduce 'Facebook Lead' module with given feature.

In this feature user can get the functionality like get the lead from facebook page to odoo lead. .

For this, user have to do some configuration with the odoo and facebook. . .

Let's have the demo for this configuration.. .


For that open browser and into the google type facebook developer. .

And click on the facebook for developer option as given below image.

After opening this page click on the Tool & Support tab as given below image. .

After open the tools & support page we get all the tools into this page .

Into that select the Graph API Explorer tool as given below image. .

After open the Graph API Explorer Page we have to give the access rights to user for retrive the lead data in odoo .

We have to give the access rights for use the token. .

Access rights are necessary for fetching the leads into the odoo. .

Here into the given below image click on to the Get Token and select the Get User Access Token. .

Then after one form will be open for select permission as given below.

Give the permission by check the point as given below image and then click on the get access token button.

Now click on the Get Token menu and select your page which you want to fetch the facebook page lead to the odoo lead.

When you select the particular page one Access Token will be generated.

Copy that token from here and click on to submit button. .

When click on submit button one Page ID will generated ad shown in image. .

Now after this open the Odoo and install our module facebook lead. .

After install facebook lead module user get one page frame into the company form.

Copy that token from here and click on to submit button. .

So goto the setting -> my company -> select the company and open the company form view. .

Into the company form view you can see the functionality of facebook lead module.as given above image. .

Now as shown above paste that token which we copy from the Graph API Explorer. .

And also paste that Page id from the Graph API Explorer. .

Now after enter proper token and page id click on save button. .

Now for showing the lead entry go to the sales ->My Pipeline. .

Here all the lead will generate automatically which are integrated with your facebook page. .

Note :-

Here note that one thing the Token will be expire in one day. So user have to generate the new token every day. .

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good question.
Spellbound Soft Solution
on 8/30/17, 1:40 AM Author

hi mofel, thanks for the question. we have to change token everyday.because, facebook not providing continues access on same token.

Seems good but question !
on 8/29/17, 2:34 PM

Hi, This module seems to be great. Just before buying it i want to be sure about one thing: it's not possible that the token do not expire every day ? Thanks Mofel