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Technical Name fetchmail_attach_from_folder
Versions 7.0 10.0
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Email gateway - folders

Adds the possibility to attach emails from a certain IMAP folder to objects, ie partners. Matching is done via several algorithms, ie email address, email address's domain or the original Odoo algorithm.

This gives a simple possibility to archive emails in Odoo without a mail client integration.


In your fetchmail configuration, you'll find a new list field Folders to monitor. Add your folders here in IMAP notation (usually something like INBOX.your_folder_name.your_subfolder_name), choose a model to attach mails to and a matching algorithm to use.

Exact mailaddress

Fill in a field to search for the email address in Field (model). For partners, this would be email. Also fill in the header field from the email to look at in Field (email). If you want to match incoming mails from your customers, this would be from. You can also list header fields, so to match partners receiving this email, you might fill in to,cc,bcc.

Domain of email addresses

Match the domain of the email address(es) found in Field (email). This would attach a mail to test1@example.com to a record with Field (model) set to test2@example.com. Given that this is a fuzzy match, you probably want to check Use 1st match, because otherwise nothing happens if multiple possible matches are found.

Odoo standard

This is stricly speaking no matching algorithm, but calls the model's standard action on new incoming mail, which is usually creating a new record.


A widespread configuration is to have a shared mailbox with several folders, i.e. one where users drop mails they want to attach to partners. Let this folder be called From partners. Then create a folder configuration for your server with path "INBOX.From partners" (note the quotes because of the space, this is server dependent). Choose model Partners, set Field (model) to email and Field (email) to from. In Domain, you could fill in [('customer', '=', True)] to be sure to only match customer records.

Now when your users drop mails into this folder, they will be fetched by Odoo and attached to the partner in question. After some testing, you might want to check Delete matches in your folder configuration so that this folder doesn't grow indefinitely.

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