Odoo Games - Sudoku

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Required Apps Employee Directory (hr)
Technical Name game_sudoku
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Required Apps Employee Directory (hr)
Technical Name game_sudoku

Odoo Games - Sudoku

Brain-Teaser game.!!

Cybrosys Technologies
cybrosys technologies


The module helps you to play sudoku


We can play SUDOKU.

Play only By the approval of HR Manager.


To start playing the game, user should click the button () for send a request.

Wait for the approval of HR manager.

  • A record is generated. And from the record the HR manager can give approval to play the game.
  • Admin can directly give the permission to play the game. Just enable "Odoo Gamer" Ps:- if we directly give permission to play game, don't forget to remove Odoo Game Request"

    Approve the game request by HR Manager

    HR managers can see this request from the menu "Game Request" under Game.
      We can see 2 buttons here.

  • This icon() for approve the request
  • This icon () for avoid/cancel the request
    • We can easily identify the states of the request by color.
  • Red is in draft state
  • Green is in approve state.
  • Grey is in cancel state.
  • Click on the "New Game" button to start the game.

    Select your level of game.

    Let's play..!! The classic Sudoku game involves a grid of 81 squares. The grid is divided into nine blocks, each containing nine squares. The rules of the game are simple: each of the nine blocks should contain all the numbers 1-9 within its squares. Each number can appear only once in a row, column or box. You can select the squares by clicking. Read the numbers from key boards. Space button can be used to erase the entry.

    WON the game

    cybrosys technologies

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    What is the importance of the game in an Odoo ERP application
    by on

    Let me clarify the confusions. First and Foremost, Games are neither mandatory nor a necessity feature in an ERP application. But one can implement this feature in an Odoo ERP for entertainment purposes. Though the primary feature of our mobile phones, tablets or computers is to communicate, we often install games into these applications for sideline purposes like leisure. Likewise, an Odoo ERP can also be clubbed with entertainment elements on last note to initiate better relaxation to the employees and keeping them positive and vibrant.

    Nice App...
    by on

    Nice App...
    by on