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Technical Name l10n_es_facturae_backport


Creation of invoices to send to FACe



The following Python packages in the indicated version (or higher) must be installed on your system (or Python virtual environment):

Library Observations
pycountry==18.5.20 It is needed by the module base_iso3166 (dependency on facturae and in the oca_addon community-data-files) to generate the 3-letter country codes (in any case the version must be >= 16.11.8).
xmlsig==1.0.1 The E-Invoice module itself needs it for the signature.
cryptography==3.0 This version is needed to be able to generate the public certificate and the private key.

Make sure that the following addons are in the addons_path of the odoorc of the instance:

Addon Observations
community-data-files The base_iso3166 module is used.
bank-payment The modules account_payment_partner and account_banking_mandate are used.
reporting-engine The account_payment_partner and report_xml modules are used to generate the XML.
Electronic signature

If you wish to digitally sign invoices, you must have a valid certificate in pfx or p12 format.


Pay mode

In the payment mode, you must indicate the type (code) of E-Invoice (by default it sets all to 4-Transfer). You must also mark the check Bank account of the journals within the section Show bank account in invoice report.


You have to mark Electronic invoice in the Commercial data/Banks tab of the Member file, this will make the FACe tab appear:

You have to fill in the FACe data:

Electronic signature

In the E-Invoice tab in the company configuration there is a form to upload your certificate (pfx or p12) to Odoo. It is also mandatory to indicate the folder where the files will be generated (the public certificate and the private key):

After filling in the data, you must obtain the keys (public and private) with the OBTAIN KEYS button. Clicking on this button opens a pop-up window that will ask for the password of the certificate:

After correctly filling in the password, the certificate/public key and the private key are generated. It is also necessary to activate the certificate to be able to sign the invoices:


Simply select an invoice whose partner has the Electronic invoice check marked and that invoice has a payment method associated with E-Invoice. Click on Action/Create E-Invoice file:

This will open a wizard where we can sign (default option) or not the invoice:

We have created a tutorial for its configuration and use (in Spanish).

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