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Technical Name marcos_api_tools
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Marcos API

Validacion de NCF, RNC y consultas de tasas

Este modulo integra Odoo con los servicios de Marcos API

GITHUB https://github.com/MarcosCommunity/curry

Build Status

Feature request for Ver 2.0 (branch v2.0)

Currently we're planing on making many more changes, those changes will affect the way we use the service. But before making any change, we'll love to hear any new feature you've in mind, currently we're planing on implementing the following features:

  • History (make rates from previous days accesible)
  • Faster responses (increase the service's response time)
  • Include new juicy API conserning employee's compensations.
  • BPD's TXT (Banco Popular Dominicano) (a new repo will be created and included as a dependency)
  • Support for BHD Leon rates

Currency scraper for the Dominican Republic

This is a simple service that provides the current currency exchange rate for
the Dominican Republic. To do so, we parse the web pages of all the major banks
of the Dominican Republic, those pages are updated on a daily basis by every

The method used by this application to calculate the mean of the data is the
Harmonic mean.

This application is freely available as a service thanks to
Marcos Organizador de Negocios S.R.L here http://api.marcos.do

Something is wrong with this service?
Please contact us (at) manuel at marcos dot do.


you may make a pull request as well, if you see something that needs to be fixed
or better implemented.


$ bundle install

Please note that, this service not longer needs imagemagik, ogcr or ocrad.

This application uses port 8080 by default, one may change the port passing it as
the first parameter:

$ ruby curry.rb 1025

Known bugs

There's a bug in older versions of Ruby that causes this application to hang for
an indefinite period of time. Please use Ruby 2.2 +

Available actions

GET /requests

Returns the total number of requests successefully served up to this moment.

sample response:

1092 requests.

GET /rnc/:rnc

Returns information about the RNC specified by :rnc. [JSON serialized]

sample response:

  "rnc": "131098193",
  "category": "",
  "payment_regimen": "NORMAL",
  "status": "ACTIVO"

GET /ncf/:rnc/:ncf

Returns true or false, depending if the RNC and the NCF specified by :rnc and
:ncf respectively belongs to the entity associated to :rnc

sample response:

  "valid": true

GET /rates

Returns the exchange rate for euros and dollars from all major banks of the
Dominican Republic. [JSON serialized]

  "bpd": {
    "euro": {
      "buying_rate": "48.15",
      "selling_rate": "51.90"
    "dollar": {
      "buying_rate": "45.05",
      "selling_rate": "45.56"
    "source": "https://www.popularenlinea.com/_api/web/lists/getbytitle('Rates')/items"
  "blh": {
    "euro": {
      "buying_rate": "48.00",
      "selling_rate": "51.00"
    "dollar": {
      "buying_rate": "45.20",
      "selling_rate": "45.56"
    "source": "http://www.blh.com.do/Inicio.aspx"
  "euro_mean": {
    "buying_rate": "48.12",
    "selling_rate": "51.68"
  "dollar_mean": {
    "buying_rate": "45.16",
    "selling_rate": "45.56"

GET /central_bank_rates

Returns the exchange rate for the dollar according to the Central Bank of the
Dominican Republic. [JSON serialized]

sample response:

  "dollar": {
    "buying_rate": "45.76",
    "selling_rate": "45.81"


MIT License

Copyright(C) 2016 Marcos Organizador de Negocios

Info Eneldo Serrata eneldo@marcos.do 809 224 9879

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