POS combo Meal & Make My own Pizza



v 9.0 v 10.0 v 11.0 v 12.0 Third Party 45
Required Apps Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Inventory Management (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Technical Name pos_combo_pack
Also available in version v 9.0 v 11.0 v 12.0
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Required Apps Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Inventory Management (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Technical Name pos_combo_pack
Also available in version v 9.0 v 11.0 v 12.0

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POS combo Meal & Make My own Pizza

  • About:-

  • Introducing the new feature for POS odoo with Spellbound Soft Solutions .
  • Into that You can order a combo meal in POS Odoo.
  • Also flexibility for fix and selected item which the company can configure as shown below.
  • Follow the below steps for the more detail.

  • Here we can generate combo pack in POS odoo now.
  • Let's have a look how its work
  • Make one product in POS product .this product is behave as a combo product in POS screen as given below.


  • Now here is one check field which name is combo pack.
  • Right now we are wok for combo pack that's why check the combo pack button.
  • Here i create one combo meal which name is Special Combo
  • Now in combo pack there are two possibility .
  • Some items are fixed in that combo pack
  • Some of them is selective as per the customer wants.
  • We need to set in this product that which are the fix items and which are the selective items.

  • For product and Category configuration:-
  • Make one product for selective like aloo tikki burger.
  • And give its POS category as the burger as shown below in images.


  • You can configure more product with its category.
  • Like cocacola and give its category as in cold drinks.
  • That's why these products will be drop down into the pos screen.

Special Combo_2.png

  • Here we have to set the selected item and also set the fix item for this combo meal product as shown in above image.
  • Now go into the  pos screen so you can see the product which are combo pack define as a tagline like combo pack.

Odoo POS_3.png

  • Into the POS Screen the combo meal is display.
  • click on that product its display one pop box like given below.


  • You can see the selected item as well as the fix item in the screen.
  • Now for selective item user need to select the their item for the drop down
  • The drop down will show as below.


  • You can see that drop down has 2 product in cold drinks category like coca cola and fenta.
  • This both are coming from the product in which we can select the POS category as a cold drink.
  • Now here select your choice product from the dropdown and click on confirm button.
  • After confirm the order its display on to the pos receipt.
  • And its gives you the all your product as given below.


  • Now you can see the receipt and also that all product which you can select in a combo meal.
  • That quantity will come from the product table when we define the selected or fix product.
  • In the receipt all the product either selected or fix both are dispaly.
  • After payment the particular order in pos the pdf receipt will be as shown given below.



Make My Own Pizza

  • About:-
  • This is also a new feature which developed by  Spellbound Soft Solutions.
  • In this you can make your own pizza as you want.
  • For this just followed the below steps as given.

  • For make my own pizza follow the below steps.
  • Make one product which name is pizza in POS product as shown in below.

Pizza   Odoo.png

  • Make sure that the option for ‘Make Own’ is true.
  • Now for the configuration of ingredients go to the Extra in product form as shown below.


  • Here we have to set category and select that this ingredients is for multiple selection or not.
  • Like in pizza , pizza base are select only once.
  • But we can choose the sauces and toppings more than one.
  • So if you want to select to user any ingredients  more than one then click that checkbox otherwise not checked.
  • Now move on to the POS screen.
  • Into the POS screen that pizza product will look like the given image.


  • Now for choose the ingredients for the own pizza click on that pizza so one window will pop up like below.


  • Here is gives the all ingredients category and also pizza bases are there.
  • Chose the pizza base which you like.


  • As you can see the above screen click on the cheese base and that ingredients is automatically add into your bill.
  • Here note that you can select only one base for pizza
  • Now select the sauce


  • As you can see the user can select the sauce as you want.
  • Like here user can select the more than one sauce.
  • When you select the sauce it's automatically added into bill in left side
  • As same as these selection select cheese and also select the toppings.


  • After all the selection the pos screen gives the all detail of ingredients and the total amount of Pizza.
  • Now click on the confirm button.


  • Here you can see the all ingredients are display here and also a total will come
  • After click on payment the POs receipt should be print as a given below.


  • You make your own pizza as you test.
  • Your order is confirmed now

Enjoy your pizza….!!!!

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Por favor, estoy interesado en este módulo, sin embargo necesito que me aclaren unas dudas. saludos.

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you can contact me on my email id patelsujeet28@gmail.com or skype me on odoo.developer