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v 10.0 v 11.0 v 12.0 Third Party 46
Required Apps Fleet Management (fleet)
Included Dependencies
Technical Name traccar_fleet_tracking
Also available in version v 12.0 v 13.0 v 11.0
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Required Apps Fleet Management (fleet)
Included Dependencies
Technical Name traccar_fleet_tracking
Also available in version v 12.0 v 13.0 v 11.0

Traccar Fleet Tracking Integration

GPS Tracking for your vehicles

GPS tracking integrated with the Fleet module.

  • Simple GPS tracking feature with the vehicle/driver location history.
  • Vehicle location history feature.
  • Inactive periods for a vehicle specially marked (by default the inactivity period is set to 30 minutes, it is user-configurable).
  • Ability to update odometer automatically from GPS data in Traccar (accuracy of this feature depends on the Traccar settings and the tracking device being used - the total distance value is accumulated over time).
  • Attaching a GPS tracker to a vehicle is as simple as entering it's unique device ID and clicking a button on the vehicle's form.
  • For a closer look at the Traccar open source tracking solution, please take a look at Traccar homepage.

Simple setup

Enable/Disable button, simply enable tracking
on the vehicle's page

Keep track and search previous locations within the Vehicle Location History menu.

You can also search by driver at the time the location was recorded.

Retrieving the location is by default scheduled to trigger every 2 minutes,
you can change the interval any way you like (from 1 min to hours/days/weeks),
since it's done by using a cron task (Odoo's scheduler).

Add-on module to this one - Bokeh Map Views.

The Maps view part of this module was inherited/reused from the Web Google Maps module, all credits to Yopi Angi for creating the view.
You can also find that module here in the Apps list.

Tehnical pre-requisites:

You only have to make sure to have the Traccar server instance ready to integrate with the module:

  • Traccar homepage

Contact us

For any inquiries or suggestions please get in touch with us directly. We provide our own future updates of the module for free, just contact us via e-mail for the latest version.
We also have a demo instance where you can test all our modules on, just send us a brief message.

  • Tech Support, Greensboro Web Services

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Antonio Buric
on 8/20/18, 3:28 AM

Please find the supported devices list here: https://www.traccar.org/devices/ this is related to Traccar itself, not directly to this module as it uses an API to communicate with your Traccar server instance.

Which Model of GPS Are Compatibles ??
on 8/19/18, 9:08 AM

Hellp which devices are compatible with your module ??

Antonio Buric
on 7/19/18, 6:35 PM

@Satyanagara, like I replied in the map bokeh add-on, this is most likely due to the newer bokeh python library you have on the instance, please make sure the version you are using is 0.12.7, by running: pip install bokeh==0.12.7 If you still get this error regardless of the bokeh version used, get in touch with us directly on the email button above and we will make sure it is resolved. Please email us directly for queries like these since there are no notifications for comments posted here. @Soumaya Hachem: replied already via e-mail, this depends on the particular device you use in Traccar, most likely it's unique ID is the device's IMEI number which usually is printed on the device itself.

Your Error
on 7/9/18, 6:57 AM Confirmed Purchase

DataRange1d(id='1b1e4613-c8c1-4fd6-af0a-b9aa54bf8df9', ...) which is not value compatible with GMapPlot in line 137. your code: p = GMapPlot(api_key=gmaps_api_key, x_range=DataRange1d(), y_range=DataRange1d(), map_options=map_options) # , title="My Drive")

Please, check it out
on 7/9/18, 6:24 AM Confirmed Purchase

File "/opt/fleet/traccar_fleet_tracking/models/fleet_vehicle.py", line 137, in _compute_bokeh_chart y_range=DataRange1d(), map_options=map_options) # , title="My Drive") File "/usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/bokeh/models/map_plots.py", line 43, in __init__ raise ValueError('Invalid value for %r, MapPlot ranges may only be Range1d, not data ranges' % r) ValueError: Invalid value for 'x_range', MapPlot ranges may only be Range1d, not data ranges

GPS device
Soumaya Hachem
on 7/5/18, 8:44 AM

How to use a GPS device compatible with this module. For the application, it's easy, it gives us the id. and if we want to use a GBP device how can we have this Id?

*edited: could you provide a demo?
on 7/1/18, 2:58 AM Confirmed Purchase

Could you provide a demo?

Could you live provide a demo?
on 7/1/18, 2:48 AM Confirmed Purchase

Hi, Could you live provide a demo, please?