Coupons & Vouchers in Point of Sale

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Vouchers and Coupons

Manage Gift Vouchers and Coupon Codes in Point of Sale

Cybrosys Technologies
cybrosys technologies


With this module, you can allow special discounts to your customers using Gift Vouchers and Coupon codes in point of sale.


Create gift vouchers for products.

Create gift vouchers for point of sale category.

Create global gift vouchers.

Create and configure coupon codes.

Apply coupon codes from point of sale.

Coupon usage tracking.


Coupon menu

  • After installing this module, three menus will be created under point of sale.
  • You can use these menus to create, configure and track vouchers, coupons and their usage.

Create vouchers

  • This is the form for creating vouchers.
  • You can create vouchers for a single product, pos category and for all the products.

Apply Coupons

  • The 'Coupons' button in point of sale can be used to enter the coupon code.

Coupon Tracking

  • Go to the 'Coupon History' menu under 'Vouchers and Coupons' for coupon tracking.
cybrosys technologies

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Easy configuring and convivial selling.

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Installing this module brakes POS discounts on order line
by on

Installing this module brakes POS discounts on order line, Steps to reproduce this bug: 1- Install vouchers_pos module. 2- Start a POS session and select a product. 3- Click on Disc button in POS interface and enter a number for discount percent. 4- Notice the price of product is reduced but the total value doesn't change. Thankfully uninstalling the module will return the functionality to its normal state without any apparent issues.