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Technical name Travel_process
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Travel Process

To have the track of Employee Travel Requests.

Purpose of this system is to maintain travel details (travel from , travel to ,purpose, departure date,return date, advance details etc.)
To maintain the employee's expense details and to create accounting entries against them.

Travel Request

The request will be processed between the specified stages.

The Employee can easily fill the Personal info using the form and Admin Team will track the information.

The Employee needs to fill the necessary information of Travel like Purpose of Travel, From, TO and Travel Preferences and send to Admin Manager Approval.

The Admin Manager can easily verify the travel details of employees and update the Available Dates , Cost and Mode of Travel.
If the Admin Manager needs more information about the travel , he can revert back to the requester.

Once Approval done by the Manager of employee it will be processed by the Finance and Admin Team
Employee will be notified Once Booking Details and travel are scheduled.
Every stage the email notification will be sent.

Expense Request

The Expense Request will be processed between the specified stages.

Employee fills details like From date, To date, Expense Type, Expense Note , Expense Date, Payment Mode Employee Paid , Company paid & related documents when the expense is requested.

Manager can verify the expenses details submitted by the employee and based on that his Approve/Refuse / Ask for recommend changes of expense.
Finance Manager can process the Employee expense or Raise Exception to Manager or Ask Need more info to the employee.
Finance Manager will be track Employee expenses & Reports also maintain using tool.

Please access the demo below


Database: odooappsdemo_Travel_process

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