Employee Stages

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Technical name employee_stages
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Employee Stages

Manages Employee Stages

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Managing employee's different stages.
Added employee's current stage in tree view.
Added employee's current stage in kanban view.
Added group by stage in search view.
Added Employee filter in search view.
Added default search for employees in search bar.
Automatically recording the stage history.
Computing the duration of each stage.
Option to set 'Related User' while converting to the employee.
Automatically inactive the employee while terminating or relieving the employee.


Every employee may undergo different stages during his term in a company. It may be probation, training, employment etc. The stages may vary according to the organisation. It is important to track such stages systematically to assess the performance indices of an employee. So here we are providing a new module which will facilitate the management of different stages of an employee.

Employee Stages

Here we can see different stages of employee, buttons to change the stages and overall history.
Status History tab tracking the Start date, End date and Duration of each stages.
When an employee's state is reached to 'Resigned' stage then the system will automatically inactive this employee

Option to Add Related User

We have an option to add 'Related User' when we set to 'Employment' stage.

Kanban View

Tree View

Search Bar

In employees view we shows only the users which are in 'Employment' stage.

Search View

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