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Technical Name fix_wkhtmltopdf
Also available in version v 13.0 v 12.0
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Technical Name fix_wkhtmltopdf
Also available in version v 13.0 v 12.0



Make sure to do this before using the fix_wkhtmltopdf module on your server

  1. The command line sudo apt-get update --yes download packages.
  2. The command line sudo apt-get upgrade --yes update packages.
  3. The command line sudo apt-get install poppler-utils --yes install the poppler-utils package to make fix_wkhtmltopdf works.
  4. The command line ulimit -n 1000000 set the limit of files that can be open.
Sometimes, you just need to uninstall the "noto-color-emoji" font to make wkhtmltopdf working :
> sudo apt purge --autoremove fonts-noto-color-emoji --yes


Interface to follow the progression of the printing process.

When you print pdf, this interface will show up to your console screen to follow the progression.

Debug message

If poppler-utils is not installed, a warning message will show up to the console and the usual wkhtmltopdf process will print the pdf.


  • Author : Yvan Dotet
  • Email : Yvandotet@yahoo.fr
  • Webpage : https://github.com/YvanDotet
  • Phone : (0032)493/06.85.60


Before installing this app, make sure the package poppler-utils is installed

Write this command line on your Linux Server :

> ulimit -n 1000000

> sudo apt-get update --yes

> sudo apt-get upgrade --yes

> sudo apt-get install poppler-utils --yes


When you print very big pdfs, you can get an buffer-overflow bug, or the printing report process can be very long, at least 10 minutes for just a pdf with 100 pages.

When installing this module, you will remove the bug of overflow and make your print process faster. You will printing pdf with 2000 pages in 2 minutes, with an output of the progression in the Linux console.

Be careful because the header and the footer of each PDF will deseapper. Only the body of the pdf will remain.


Go to "Settings" - Apps without any filters. Type "fix_wkhtmltopdf" into the search box.

Odoo version 11



  • Yvan Dotet


  • This module is maintained by Yvan Dotet.

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