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Required Apps Employee Directory (hr)
Leave Management (hr_holidays)
Technical Name hr_bundle
Also available in version v 10.0 v 9.0
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Required Apps Employee Directory (hr)
Leave Management (hr_holidays)
Technical Name hr_bundle
Also available in version v 10.0 v 9.0

HR Bundle

A set of Human Resource Management Applications

  • This Module provides a bunch of applications that has become the most important activities in the Human Resource Management.
  • This provides many services to the Employees and much beneficial to the Organization.
  • It has the feature of sending the notifications, allowing the user to configure and making the end user feel easy to process and do much more.
  • Following are the processes this module presents:
    1. Idea Junction
    2. Exit/Relieving Request Process
    3. Skills Evaluation
    4. Leave Notifications
    5. Induction Process
    6. Employee Evaluation & Rating System
Idea Junction

Express the Innovations, Receive Votes, Comments & much more.

Employees in an Organization/Company can post/express their ideas followed by Approval of the Managers.

Email Notification is provided as an option for notifying the Users.


Post the Idea, Get Approved, Start Voting, Close the Idea

User should be an Employee to post the Idea. Managers will come and Approve/Reject the Idea. When approved, the Idea is now opened for votings, ratings by all the Employees. Finally the Idea is closed by the one who posted the Idea.

At the Draft stage of the form, the user can opt for the Email Notification.

Track History

Track Comments, Ratings, Attachments etc.

A wizard is displayed on the screen to enter the details like Comments, Ratings, Attachments while voting the Idea.

Every details along with the Employee info(Name & Department) can be tracked on the Idea Form which helps you to track the details.


Allow/Disallow the Create Access

Allow access to create the forms through settings. Only the HR Manager can avail the Settings with an option to send Notifications.

Apply Filters

My Ideas, Best Idea, Ideas Of The Year

My Ideas is a default filter and the user can ever know the Best Idea, Ideas of the year by applying the filters provided.

Relieving Request Process

Relieving Request Process aims to provide a Relieving Process for the Employee.

Relieving Request Process

Relieving Request will be created by the HR Manager.

HR Manager will create a Relieving Request for the Employee who belongs to their Company. Relieving Type can be Resignation, Termination, BGV Fails, Absconding.

Based on the Relieving Type, tab will be added with the specified fields. After confirming the request the state of the record will be changed to In Progress. Send Clearance Form and Reject buttons will be available.

After sending the Clearance Form, Done button will be available along with Reject and some other fields will be populated like Admin, Finance, IT Clearances etc.

After updating all the checkboxes, clicking on Done button the state of the record will be moved to Completed and all the fields will become readonly.

If the request is rejected, then the state of the record will be moved to Rejected.

For Every State change, an email will be triggered to the respective users.
HR Skills Evaluation

Get your skills evaluated with Appreciations & Comments

Test your own skills through a standard process. Give your self-appreciation, receive the Manager appreciation through ratings and comments.

Process (Skill Evaluation Form)

Make Requests, Get Approved, Receive Evaluations

An Employee can request for the evaluation of his/her skills, entering the details(like Skill Request Name, Skill Category, Self Appreciation etc.) on a Skill Evaluation form.
The HR Manager can Refuse/Approve the request under approval. And sets the Evaluator whom he/she has to evaluate with ratings & comments.
The Evaluator enters the appropriate rating, comments and can Post Evaluate the Form.

Schedule Meetings

Create your Events in the Process

Make discussions before or after the Evaluation process.

Track the History

View the details on the Employee form

The Evaluation records are been tracked in the Employee master details viewed under a tab to see all the list of records.


Generate xls & pdf reports

Generate various reports through the multi-selection on the wizard. Provided option to generate both xls & pdf types

XLS Report

PDF Report

HR Leave Notifications

Allocate Leaves, Email Notifications, Public Holidays, Consolidated Report.

With HR Leave Notifications, manage the most important asset in the company: People.

Get your HR operarions managed easily : Leave Allocations, Leave Requests.

Keep track of the vacation days accrued by each employee. Employees enter their requests of any type (paid holidays, sick leave, vacation leave etc), send to the Managers to approve and validate. It's all done in just a few clicks. The agenda of each Employee is updated accordingly.

Allocate the Leaves in a single click

online demo

All type of leaves can be allocated to the Employees in just a single click.

Email to the HR Manager, Employee Manager and the Employees

Leave Allocation to the Employees

HR Manager, Employee manager and the Employees are notified through email when leaves are allocated to the Employees.

Email to the HR Manager, Employee Manager and the Employees

Leave Request by the Employees

HR Manager, Employee manager and the Employees are notified through email when leaves are requested by the Employees.

Public Holidays

Public holidays between the applied leaves are not considered as leaves.

Email to the Employees

Employees are notified through email about the approval or the refusal of the leaves.

Consolidated Leave Report

Consolidated Leave Report gives the details on the Employee leaves based on the Department and leave type between the selected dates.

HR Induction

Systematic Trainings, Induction Stages

  • This module introduces an Induction process that can be made easier for the User to Process, Track, Communicate.
  • The Process here is entirely relied on the configuration the User makes. It is easy to define your own Stages/Levels each having different set of Actions.
  • User can categorize into various Stages(like HR Induction, IT Induction, Admin Induction etc,.) before starting the process.

Stage Configuration Master

Define Stages, Actions, Group users to notify

1) Each record has Name(basically Stage Name), State Sequence(Order followed when the Process begins), Process all actions, Group Users to notify(Emails notified to these group users), Actions.
2) Tag the attachment on each Action.
3) Every Stage name is defined as unique. The Configuration master is implemented with the tight validations to ensure reliability.

Induction Process

Actual Process Begins

1) An Induction form has the Batch Name, Company Name, Group of Employees, Stage wise actions.
2) The Actions are auto-created from the Configuration master on every Stage updation.
3) Force Close option is available to process directly to Done Stage.
4) Email Notifications are triggered on each button action.

6) User has to close each action of every Stage. Note that for the Stages with 'Process all actions' is set, then all the actions should be processed.

Compose & Send Email

On every Stage of Induction, provided the option to Compose & Send Emails to the Employees & Other Followers.

Schedule Meetings

Using the Odoo Calendar Events

Schedule the Meetings on every Induction Process by using the Odoo Calendar Events.

Employee Evaluation

Evaluate the performance on easy rating system.

Purpose of this system is to maintain employee details (name, joining date, photo, DOB, etc.) along with their yearly performance rating and increments. Generate reports of Evaluation, Salary and much more.

Evaluation Process

Quarterly Evaluations, Ratings, Comments & View memos

Evaluate employee performace through rating provided by supervisor/Top Level Manager of their respective department. Based upon the final performance of an particular year the salary increment will be calculated.

Evaluation records are to be imported in Odoo. And provisioned to create direct appraisals.

Employee Master

Track History, Create Direct Appraisals

From a customized existing master you can manage your Employee details, History and Current Information.

History of Salary, Memo, Supervisor, Department, Employee Status, Evaluation helps you to track the details.

Attendance Master

Store Extra Info, Import Records, Define Rating values according to Attendance (%)

Employee regular presence/absence is detailed clearly with all the extra attributes like (For eg: OT, Late Cnts, Rest, PH etc.)

Records import provision is provided to import into Odoo. And configure/define the ratings according to the Attendance(%) ranges.

Year Configuration

With division as Quarters

To create an particular year and configure the quarters by specifiying start and end date of a quarter.

Qualification Configuration

Quailification configuration is done by Admin for the qualification selection list in personal information of an employee details.

Department Configuration

Allot the Weightages

Customized the existing master to configure the Ratings & Weightages.

Rating labels will be displayed along with their respective weightage where every Rating label should be assigned with some weightage.

Rating Configuration

Tag the Departments and set the Full Score

Define the rating names and tag it to the multiple departments assigning full score against each department.

Salary Band Configuration

Define the Salary range, Fix the Max Increment values

Define the Salary Ranges(From, To) per annum for each department.Max increment (%) value will be assigned with respect to the salary range.


Can provide easy listing out of Performance Report, Evaluation Report, Memo History, Salary History.

Download the pdf reports based on the type selected as (Employee/Department).

Data import template for appraisal

Data import template for attendance

How to tag the Users?

Create the Users and tag them to the required groups as mentioned below. Immediately create the Employee records and tag the appropriate related user.

Read carefully and tag to the appropriate user groups.

Please access the demo below

URL: odoodemo.ktree.org

Database: odooappsdemo_hr_bundle

User Details
Login Password
emp1@test.com 1234
hr@test.com 1234
manager@test.com 1234
adminmngr@test.com 1234
finmanager@test.com 1234
itmanager@test.com 1234
tlm@test.com 1234

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