HR Induction

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Technical name hr_induction
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HR Induction

Systematic Trainings, Induction Stages

  • This module introduces an Induction process that can be made easier for the User to Process, Track, Communicate.
  • The Process here is entirely relied on the configuration the User makes. It is easy to define your own Stages/Levels each having different set of Actions.
  • User can categorize into various Stages(like HR Induction, IT Induction, Admin Induction etc,.) before starting the process.

Stage Configuration Master

Define Stages, Actions, Group users to notify

1) Navigation: Induction -> Induction States
2) Each record has Name(basically Stage Name), State Sequence(Order followed when the Process begins), Process all actions, Group Users to notify(Emails notified to these group users), Actions.
3) Tag the attachment on each Action.
4) Every Stage name is defined as unique. The Configuration master is implemented with the tight validations to ensure reliability.

Induction Process

Actual Process Begins

1) Navigation: Induction -> Induction Process
2) An Induction form has the Batch Name, Company Name, Group of Employees, Stage wise actions.
3) The Actions are auto-created from the Configuration master on every Stage updation.
4) Force Close option is available to process directly to Done Stage.
5) Email Notifications are triggered on each button action.

6) User has to close each action of every Stage. Note that for the Stages with 'Process all actions' is set, then all the actions should be processed.

Compose & Send Email

On every Stage of Induction, provided the option to Compose & Send Emails to the Employees & Other Followers.

Schedule Meetings

Using the Odoo Calendar Events

Schedule the Meetings on every Induction Process by using the Odoo Calendar Events.

Please access the demo below


Database: odooappsdemo_hr_induction

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