Import Invoice OCR scan and import invoice



v 10.0 v 11.0 Third Party 31
Required Apps Invoicing Management (account_invoicing)
Lines of code 594
Technical Name invoice_import_ocr
Also available in version v 10.0
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Required Apps Invoicing Management (account_invoicing)
Lines of code 594
Technical Name invoice_import_ocr
Also available in version v 10.0
This module is developed by Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. Not covered under Odoo Maintenance Contract or Business Pack. Contact at if you are looking for support or customization. This module is using tesserocr lib of python that need to be installed on server before deploying this module in addons.
Installation Guide:Find User Reference.txt from invoice_import_ocr > doc!

Import Invoice with OCR Scanning

This Module Will Import Customer Invoice or Vendor Invoice Based on Image or PDF! Click here for the Video demonstration.

Attach Image or PDF of Invoice

You can attach multiple images of invoice or a invoice pdf. Choose whether to import customer invoice or supplier invoice with language and currency of the invoice.

Scan Invoice

OCR scan will auto generate invoice line, Customer/Supplier. We will get side by side view of pdf and entries that will make invoice amendment easy after scan. We can select or create a new partner and toggle between the invoice pages with the help of next and previous buttons. The Known limitation is, we support only the invoices created from Odoo. We can work on a specific format if you have such a need.

Import Invoice

The imported invoice will create a Customer or Supplier Invoice.

Limitations of the Module

  • This module Supports only the formats of standard Odoo Invoices.

  • Due to the limitations of the OCR library, INR is not supported by far.

  • The scanning of multiple taxes is not successful, you will get one tax scanned, rest taxes have to be added manually.
---------------------------         -------------------------------
Supported Language Library.          English Name Of Language.
---------------------------         -------------------------------
1 tesseract-ocr-sqi                  Albanian
2 tesseract-ocr-ara                  Arabic
3 tesseract-ocr-eng                  English
4 tesseract-ocr-swe                  Swedish
5 tesseract-ocr-eus                  Basque
6 tesseract-ocr-bul                  Bulgarian / български език
7 tesseract-ocr-cat                  Catalan / Català                              
8 tesseract-ocr-hrv                  Croatian / hrvatski jezik
9 tesseract-ocr-ces                  Czech / Čeština
10 tesseract-ocr-dan                 Danish / Dansk
11 tesseract-ocr-nld                 Dutch (BE) / Nederlands (BE)
12 tesseract-ocr-eng                 English (AU)
13 tesseract-ocr-eng                 English (UK)
14 tesseract-ocr-est                 Estonian / Eesti keel
15 tesseract-ocr-fin                 Finnish / Suomi
16 tesseract-ocr-fra                 French (BE) / Français (BE)
17 tesseract-ocr-frm                 French (CA) / Français (CA)
18 tesseract-ocr-frm                 French (CH) / Français (CH)
19 tesseract-ocr-fra                 French / Français
20 tesseract-ocr-glg                 Galician / Galego
21 tesseract-ocr-cat                 Georgian / ქართული ენა
22 tesseract-ocr-deu                 German / Deutsch
23 tesseract-ocr-ell                 Greek / Ελληνικά
24 tesseract-ocr-heb                 Hebrew / עִבְרִי
25 tesseract-ocr-hin                 Hindi / हिंदी
26 tesseract-ocr-hun                 Hungarian / Magyar
27 tesseract-ocr-ind                 Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia
28 tesseract-ocr-ita                 Italian / Italiano
29 tesseract-ocr-jpn                 Japanese / 日本語
30 tesseract-ocr-kor                 Korean (KP) / 한국어 (KP)
31 tesseract-ocr-kor                 Korean (KR) / 한국어 (KR)
32 tesseract-ocr-lav                 Latvian / latviešu valoda
33 tesseract-ocr-lit                 Lithuanian / Lietuvių kalba
34 tesseract-ocr-mkd                 Macedonian / македонски јазик
35 tesseract-ocr-nor                 Norwegian Bokmål / Norsk bokmål
36 tesseract-ocr-pol                 Polish / Język polski
37 tesseract-ocr-por                 Portuguese (BR) / Português (BR)
38 tesseract-ocr-por                 Portuguese / Português
39 tesseract-ocr-ron                 Romanian / română
40 tesseract-ocr-rus                 Russian / русский язык
41 tesseract-ocr-srp                 Serbian (Cyrillic) / српски
42 tesseract-ocr-srp                 Serbian (Latin) / srpski
43 tesseract-ocr-slk                 Slovak / Slovenský jazyk
44 tesseract-ocr-slv                 Slovenian / slovenščina
45 tesseract-ocr-spa                 Spanish (AR) / Español (AR)
46 tesseract-ocr-spa                 Spanish (BO) / Español (BO)
47 tesseract-ocr-spa                 Spanish (CL) / Español (CL)
48 tesseract-ocr-spa                 Spanish (CO) / Español (CO)
49 tesseract-ocr-spa                 Spanish (CR) / Español (CR)
50 tesseract-ocr-spa                 Spanish (DO) / Español (DO)
51 tesseract-ocr-spa                 Spanish (EC) / Español (EC)
52 tesseract-ocr-spa                 Spanish / Español
53 tesseract-ocr-spa                 Spanish (GT) / Español (GT)
54 tesseract-ocr-spa                 Spanish (MX) / Español (MX)
55 tesseract-ocr-spa                 Spanish (PA) / Español (PA)
56 tesseract-ocr-spa                 Spanish (PE) / Español (PE)
57 tesseract-ocr-spa                 Spanish (PY) / Español (PY)
58 tesseract-ocr-spa                 Spanish (UY) / Español (UY)
59 tesseract-ocr-spa                 Spanish (VE) / Español (VE)
60 tesseract-ocr-tel                 Telugu / తెలుగు
61 tesseract-ocr-tha                 Thai / ภาษาไทย
62 tesseract-ocr-tur                 Turkish / Türkçe
63 tesseract-ocr-ukr                 Ukrainian / українська
64 tesseract-ocr-vie                 Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt

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Kevin Perez
on 12/14/18, 2:48 AM

on 7/2/21, 10:28 AM

Will this become available for 14CE?

Jay Vora - SerpentCS
on 7/5/21, 12:37 AM Author


Not yet but we will publish it soon.
Please provide your email here.


DO YOU HAVE IN odoo14?
Tanagrid Udomphol
on 12/5/20, 10:57 AM

Re: DO YOU HAVE IN odoo14?
Jay Vora - SerpentCS
on 12/7/20, 12:10 AM Author

Not yet but we will publish it soon

Version 12
on 10/30/20, 8:03 AM

Is it possible that this module is available for version 12?

Re: Version 12
Jay Vora - SerpentCS
on 10/31/20, 3:05 AM Author


Due to the limitation of the lib, we have not done the migration.

We will keep you posted.


Jay Vora - SerpentCS
on 12/19/18, 8:25 AM Author

Michael, For now, yes it is the limitation as displayed.

This module Supports only the formats of standard Odoo Invoices.
on 11/23/18, 9:48 AM

Does this mean you can only import invoices which come from odoo itself?

Jay Vora - SerpentCS
on 5/23/18, 6:29 AM Author

Kharul, For now this supports only the invoices, but it will not be so tough to scan POs and SOs ofcourse. Please contact to for further actions. Thanks.

OCR import into Purchase Order
on 5/17/18, 5:55 AM

Can this module import purchase order into the Odoo Purchase module.

Easy to use Module
Joseph Wilson
on 3/23/18, 5:16 AM

Easy to use.i can easily import my Customer and vendor invoice images or PDF with OCR Scanning.I recommend to all of you use this module.