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Technical Name odoo_dynamic_workflow
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Technical Name odoo_dynamic_workflow
Versions 10.0 11.0


Lately, I started to get very busy after I started my new position and I couldn't keep up with clients demands & requests for customizations & upgrades, so I decided to publish this module for community free of charge.

Building on that, I expect respect from whoever gets his/her hands on my code, not to copy nor rebrand the module & sell it under their names.

Dynamic Workflow Builder

Build customizable workflow via web interface with zero backend development

Main Features:

  1. Works perfectly with any model.
  2. Works with Odoo community & enterprise edition.
  3. Build workflow via State Diagram view.
  4. Control fields & buttons attributes per state.
  5. Control fields visibility depending on user and/or security group.
  6. Buttons can execute different type of actions, like (Link Triggers, Server Actions, Window Actions, Python Code)

User Friendly

Easy State Diagram Representation

  • Define workflow for certain model.
  • Ability to activate messaging thread & followers area.
  • Create state nodes.
  • Link nodes together.

Customizable Field Attributes

Define field attributes per state

You can easily define attributes for each field per state, like (Readonly, Required & Invisible). Also can control field visibility by defining specific users and/or security group.

Web Coding Interface

Simple Coding

Easy coding via web interface for programming triggering conditions & actions invoked by buttons or links.

Important Note

This module doesn't support manually created modules via Odoo Studio or Technical Settings.
Just support official or custom modules developed by code base.

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I'm Mohamed Youssef the author of this module
Mohamed Youssef
on 10/23/18, 12:50 PM Author

5on5marketing, they purchased the module, not via Odoo Store plus I gave them a period of 2 weeks to test the module and feed me back in case they faced any difficulties but I didn't get any response for a whole month, later last week, they called me and kept accusing me of selling them a buggy module after investigation and sending log back and forth, their production database is amiss and they have some rookie developers modified production database manually thru Odoo settings and system raises many errors in many parts of Odoo not even in my module. Lastly, I sent them a very simple solution with a link from Odoo Forums for their issue in order to fix and correct their DB scheme, they said we can't do it because it will remove all modifications we made on the system. when I requested from them to remove their post they ignored me. (I'm not responsible for other people failures) I can give you help and support but be respectful.

Unhappy! Modules does not work odoo11 ENT
on 10/15/18, 7:01 AM

I purchased this plugin from the developer and after changing my server infrastructure around to handle the plugin because it uses generalized python code interfering with every database potentially on the server the module has an error. After weeks of chasing the developer I am finally giving up. He has stated that he can look at my error in a week when its already been weeks. I have a team of odoo devs its unbelievable for the price of this module the support given beware on purchase developer provides no care to give solution to customers.

Need a Demo or Video Link
on 8/19/18, 6:28 AM

Hello it seems a good module, but it's hard to understand it, it need a demo or detailed video !!

proof of concept
Cesar Souza
on 8/1/18, 10:57 AM

Hi, I'm IT manager and I'm working as solution integrator. I'm developing an project that needs workflow features and I want to performe a proof of concept your modulo to analyze if it's a soluction for my customer's demand. Is it possible? How can I performe this POC? Regards