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Technical name odoo_ics
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Odoo ICalendar

Generates ICalendar File & sends to the Recipients

  • ICS is a global format for calendar files widely being utilized by various calendar and email programs including Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and Microsoft Outlook.
  • In Odoo, you can create/generate an ICalendar file and send to the recipients.
  • This ICalendar file comprises of the Event details like Meeting, Start Date, End Date, Duration etc.,


How it will works

1) User needs to select the day on the Calendar and simply needs to enter the Recipients to whom he/she wants to send.
2) While scheduling the events, the User can even set the Duration in a Day or simply selects the Starting & Ending Dates.
3) The default Odoo Calendar was customized to meet the needs of the app.

4) User can able to resend more than required times.

5) Provided an option to tag the ics files as an attachment on the Email Master.

Note: This module depends on the Python Module 'icalendar'.
Please install the Python module before installing this Odoo module.

Please access the demo below

URL: odoodemo.ktree.org

Database: odooappsdemo_odoo_ics

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demo 1234

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