Rental and Agreement/Contract Management and Website Rental Product Sales



v 10.0 v 11.0 v 12.0 Third Party 23
Required Apps Sales Management (sale_management)
eCommerce (website_sale)
Website Builder (website)
Invoicing Management (account_invoicing)
Inventory Management (stock)
Included Dependencies
Lines of code 1819
Technical Name odoo_rental_contract_management
Also available in version v 12.0 v 10.0
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Required Apps Sales Management (sale_management)
eCommerce (website_sale)
Website Builder (website)
Invoicing Management (account_invoicing)
Inventory Management (stock)
Included Dependencies
Lines of code 1819
Technical Name odoo_rental_contract_management
Also available in version v 12.0 v 10.0

Rental and Agreement/Contract Management and Website Rental Product Sales

This module allow you to manager your rental products and its agreement with your customers. Also it allow you to sales product/item on Ecommerce shop. This also allow your customer to use portal to see their agreements and print it.

This app will work for all kind of Rental business/Industry. You can use this app to rent any kind of Products/Items, Home, Car, Bike, Service on Rent, AC, TV, Office Rent, and many more... It is made as generic so it can fit all industry.

Main Features:

- Allow Sales Manager to create Rental Products.
- Allow custom notes to add on rental products which will be shown on Website shop/Ecommerce.
- It will allow product stock availiblity on website shop for rental products.
- Customer can buy rental products directly using Odoo Shop/Ecommerce. This will create Rental order (Odoo Orders) in backend and contract automatically.
- Allow your customers to select start date and end date for rent of that product.
- Allow Sales team to confirm rental orders.
- System will create contract/agreement when confirmed to rental order.
- Contracts from Rental Contracts button on rental order to jump to related contract/agreements.
- Allowed Sales team to create Invoices and recurring invoices.
- Adding Analytic account/ contract by order line level and then passed that to related invoice of that rental orders.
- System all you to Exchang Products on running contract when product have get any issue or another reasons. So its very dynamic you can exchange rental products on live contracts
- Allowed Generate Invocie from rental subscriptions for Contract.
- Odoo Quote report with start and end dates of rental.
- Rental contract/agreement will be created per rental/order lines. For example if you are having 3 rental lines in order then system will create three different contract/agreement by considering start and end dates.
- For more details about contract and agreement process you can see which is depends on this app.
- For customer portal please see
- For more details please see Video in Live Preview.

Highlighted Steps:

Create Rental Product:

Create Rental Product->Tick "Is Rental Product"->Tick Website Show Avialability.

Ecommerce/Shop Request for Product on Rent by Customer:

Start Date End Date on Cart-> Add to Cart -> Purchased rental product online -> Confirm Order -> Contract Created -> Agreement Print -> Recurring rental invoices to customer -> Customer Portal to view contracts.

Confirm Quotation:

Confirm Quotation -> Create Contract -> Exchange Product -> Create Invoice

System Menus:

  • Rental
    • Orders
      • Rental Quotations
      • Rental Orders
    • Products
      • Rental Products
      • Rental Product Variants
    • Contratcs
      • Rental Contracts
    • Invoicing
      • Rental Invoices

Note: You can check detail screenshots below before buy and make sure it full fill your requirements. For support/configuration and adding new features you can contact us. THIS APP IS ONLY SUPPORTING ODOO COMMUNITY EDITION VERSION.

Rental Products Configuration

Login with sales team to add rental product.

Tick Is rental product for declare it as rental product.

Tick Website Show Availability for give information regarding to the stock availibility on website shop/ecommerce.
Add rental custom notes rental product to show to your ecommerece customer to view price is deposit or one month rent. Depends on your business.

Rental Products on Odoo Ecommerce

Customer can buy directly your rental product from Odoo shop.

Start date and End date for rental period by your customer.
Show message if Product In stock or out of stock on website shop.

Customer can still modify Start date end date from cart page as well.

Confirm Order By customer.

Confirm Sales Quotation

Backend Rental Orders.

Create Invoice from quotation and pass analytic account of contract.

Rental Contracts

Allow you to open contract from Rental Contracts Button.

You can show List of Contracts.

Exchange Rental Product

Its Allowed to exchange product.
You can exchange product from Exchange Product Button

Select Product which you want to exchange with.

You can show Exchanged product from wizard.

Add Exchanged history of product which product exchanged by user and exchanged with product.

Show Contracts

Allowed Custom users to show own Contracts.

Show your contratcs from given link of Your Contracts.

Here You can show list of own contracts.
You can get whole information regarded to the contracts form given Report button.

PDF Rental Order Report

Print Quotation Report from sale order with start date end date in order lines.

Print Contract Report from contracts.

Contact / Support
Introducing Probuse Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

If you need any help or want more additional features, you may contact us through:
Skype: mustufa_probuse

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on 10/20/20, 6:07 AM

Hi there!
I'm interested in buying this module for my renting webshop. Before I have a few questions which I hope you can answer positively:
1.) Can this module used without the website+e-commerce module? We need it for backend managing only and will import orders from another webshop software.

2.) We're offering rental agreements to our customers with open-end contracts. So customers will not select an end-date during ordering (or at any other point in time). So it's compareable to a subscription product in combination with physical/moveable products. Will your module be able to manage this?

3.) Our customers are invited to buy rented items. For that we're discounting the last 6 monthly rates paid. Will managing this be possible with this module?

Thanks for answering!

Regards, Riccardo