v 8.0 v 9.0 v 10.0 v 11.0 v 12.0 Third Party 105
Technical Name popup_reminder
Also available in version v 13.0 v 8.0 v 9.0 v 12.0 v 10.0
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Technical Name popup_reminder
Also available in version v 13.0 v 8.0 v 9.0 v 12.0 v 10.0

Reminder Menu

Settings Popup Reminder Reminder

After installation, You will be able to see the Reminder Configuration Menu in the settings just before the Technical Menu as shown in the left screenshot.

Reminder Configuration

You can make generalized reminder with the configuration of the reminders as per the screen below. Configuration contains Model and Field configuration for the reminder. In the Model field you can choose any model that is currently installed in that particular instance. Reminders will be based on following search option configuration
Groups : Popup panel will be only visible to the users which are in selected group.
Today : Event happened on the current date
As Date : As Date will give you all the records irrespective of the year but only if the field is in the database otherwise it'd give a Traceback
Days : Event that would happen in Next upcoming days configured
Current Month : Event happened in the current month
Next Month : Event happened in the next month
All : Event Happened in all of the days.

If you want to display popup notification you have to add groups.Now,only that user is notify which are in configured groups. As per display in screenshot this "Tasks to Complete" reminder is only visible to the users which are in configured groups.

If From Today Field is checked then the notifications that will be visible in the reminder panel will be from today.

User can provide a User domain by using the User Domain field, if the domain is given then that domain will be applied in the records that will be visible in the reminder panel.

In the Display Fields Field, you will be able to select the fields that you need to be displayed in the reminder. You can choose from the fields that would be in the model that you would have selected earlier in the Model field.

As you can see in the below screenshot when you choose days in the search option field, a new field named days will become visible. By giving relative amount of days you will be able to see the notifications for that particular time period.

Complete Configuration


ODOO Reminder Panel

As you can see the bell icon here in the main menu bar in the right screenshot, by clicking on that bell a reminder panel will pop up which can be seen in the below screenshot. You will also be able to see a counter of the notification that you may have at an instance.

As Shown in the above screenshots, We can select the Reminder from the Reminder selector. Whichever reminder is selected that particular reminder will be displayed.

Pop up will be reloaded on each action on the ODOO client. Also We can open the relevant record by clicking on the record from the reminder widget.

Sort Fields Data

You can sort the table column to ascending order / descending order.

Change Sequence

You can change sequence of reminder objects by simply drag and drop.

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There are no ratings yet!
Jay Vora - SerpentCS
on 9/19/18, 7:29 AM Author

Gert, You may contact us on contact@serpentcs.com Your error seems more liekly a cache refresh issue. Thanks.

Good app, but
Gert de Wit
on 8/29/18, 3:32 AM Confirmed Purchase

I bought this addon, but i have an error at installing on Odoo11 enterprise. See error messagaa below: Fout: Error: QWeb2: Template 'popup_reminder.switch_panel_popup_top_button' not found http://localhost:8075/web/content/321-5f23fc2/web.assets_common.js:3689 Traceback: exception@http://localhost:8075/web/content/321-5f23fc2/web.assets_common.js:3689:7 _render@http://localhost:8075/web/content/321-5f23fc2/web.assets_common.js:3734:92 render@http://localhost:8075/web/content/321-5f23fc2/web.assets_common.js:3730:146 renderElement@http://localhost:8075/web/content/321-5f23fc2/web.assets_common.js:3943:1068 __widgetRenderAndInsert/

Very good apps
sylver juste
on 7/2/18, 11:09 AM

Very good apps and especially the technical support is very reactive. Thank you Serpents

Upgrade sent by email
Jay Vora - SerpentCS
on 6/6/18, 3:42 AM Author

We have upgraded module to add the feature of minus days, we will send email to you as promised.

Just purchased ....
Vishal Mehra
on 5/23/18, 5:40 PM Confirmed Purchase

Just purchased the add on and it's not working as expected. Any date that I give in the past with a -ve number is not working. Also, I would like to just show the user the tasks / items that they are responsible for. Moreover, I would like to see things that are -90 old and overdue and that are upcoming in 5 days. How can we accomplish that without selecting the dropdown from the pop-up.

Great App!
Rocky Patel
on 3/16/18, 8:04 AM

Just the one i was in search for. It's easy to use and submissive functionality like., Bell Icon with notification counter. Thanks SerpentCS to build this most impressive app.