POS Save Quotations

v 11.0 Third Party 2

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Technical name pos_save_quotations
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POS Save Quotations

TL Technology

Website: http://posodoo.com

Contact: thanhchatvn@gmail.com

Function keys

Call center persons can save orders (from request of customers) to quotations

Or some customers need buy some products in the next time, customers pick some products and request save to quotation

POS sellers (multi store) can load order store by call center (or any department from own your company)

You can define multi store(shop), assigned quotations shop by shop

POS admin can management quotations filter by store, status of quotations

POS admin can remove, edit information of quotations

Support go live

1 year support

Free upgrade code to odoo v12, v13 ...(no database migrate)

Bugs and Issues support fix free 24/7

Free request new future

Percent 15% payment viva paypal account

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