POS Customer Wallet

v 11.0 Third Party 2

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Technical name pos_wallet_card

POS Customer Wallet

TL Technology

Website: http://posodoo.com

Contact: thanhchatvn@gmail.com

Function keys

Allows the pos sellers can create wallets for the customers on POS screen

When customers come back your stores, customers can use wallet credit card for include to total payment

Customer can recharge their wallet at any time in POS Session and use their wallet credits for future payment

POS admin can management wallet amount of customers

When customer payment and have change amount

Customer paid 200 and change 50, we'll keep amount change to wallet journal for next payment of customers

Cashiers click on Payment method Give Wallet

Keep 50 USD to wallet journal of your shop

When order payment success, wallet amount of customer will display for next payment

Total wallet amount now of customer is 50 USD

Customer comeback your shop

And now, customer no need use money or credit card, they'll use wallet journal for payment

Cashiers choice wallet journal

Receipt use wallet journal

Wallet amount of customer after payment order

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Free upgrade code to odoo v12, v13 ...(no database migrate)

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