Receive UBL Invoice

v 11.0 Third Party

180.00 €

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Technical name receive_ubl
Read description for v 10.0
Required Apps Invoicing (account)
Included Dependencies

Send EHF Invoices

Make it easy for your customers to pay your invoices.

Transfer your outgoing invoices to your customers trough an EHF broker.

Configure your partners

You set the EHF invoice address and the addressing scheme to be used (currently Norwegian Org number, CVR format, EU Vat number or Finnish eInvoice address).

And off they go...

Click on the 'Send by eInvoice' button on the invoice to send it to the customer. Easy for you, easy for them.

We are here to help

Contact us if you need assistance with eInvoicing or other aspects of using Odoo.

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