Show Fallback Pricelist in Contacts

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Technical name show_fallback_pricelist
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Show Fallback Pricelist in Contacts

Some companies have use multiple Pricelists - one for each customer. When product is not on a pricelist then Odoo will use default product price or the price with another pricelist(for example Global EUR). This is the "Fallback" pricelist.
If you are have partners in different countries, segments etc. this module will make your work easier.
You will be able to see the Pricelist assigned to partner as well as fallback pricelist.

How it works

New field is added to the Partner(Customer) form that allows you to see the Fallback pricelist


To install module it is necessary to activate the pricelists(see the image below)

If you need help with installation or some additional features feel free to contact
Email: Piotr Cierkosz


  • Backup your Odoo
  • After purchase you will receive a receipt with a link to download the module
  • Extract the module and upload (place it) into your "custom modules" folder
  • Restart the Odoo server
  • Log in to Odoo and activate the developer mode
  • Go to "Apps" tab and click "Update Apps list"
  • Find the module and hit the "Install" button
  • Restart Odoo
  • Feel free to contact to get a tutorials on how to install modules on different systems


  • Fully Supports Odoo Version 11.0 Community
  • Module tested on clean Odoo installation, no errors detected

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