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Digital management of document templates

User guide



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1. INTRODUCTION             

1.1. How to use this document:             

1.2. Terminology "abbreviation:             

2. OVERVIEW:             

3. INTRODUCTION:             


FIRST.             PREAMBLE

1.1. How to use this document:       

This document describes how to use the digitalized management module of documents and documents for enterprises and enterprises. All text-working units and departments that want a basic, easy-to-find template can learn how to use the module in this document.

1.2. Terminology "abbreviation:       

Key word









2. OVERVIEW:            

Derived from the need for electronic form, in order to provide Individuals, employees, units, businesses easy to use electronic forms without mistaking the form, using out-of-date form. Officials and workers easily electronic approval if needed anytime, anywhere.

For example: Taking leave, confirming salary, immigration application.

Convenient tracking of information of officials and employees, using standard forms that are easily categorized, easy to find , saving printing costs, quickly convenient for employees, digitizing documents following the era of IT 4.0.

3. INTRODUCTION:            

The steps are as follows:

1.           Process of document approval into standard form:

The employee prototyping and pushing up the system for approval of standard samples.

2.           S Use your document has been approved :

Standard form approvers and workers conduct the use of standard form in text documents.


4.1. Module installation:       

1.           Go to the "Application" menu and search for the module "Template_export" module keyword:

2.           Select settings to install the module on the system.

4.2. Assign the user access rights using the module:       

1.           Go to the "setting" configuration menu -> select the "user" menu and select the user and assign the module function as follows:


4.3. Create ISO document classification:       

The purpose is to classify the sample documents into groups for easy management, sorting, searching, and so forth.

1.           Go to the ISO template module and select the "configuration" -> "classification" function and click on "Create" to create a new one:

Here, the user will enter the corresponding fields:

Category name: programming

Parent list:

Catalog code: LT

Note :

The user clicks "save" to save the directory.


4.4. How to put ISO document document on the system:       

Steps to create and approve ISO samples on the system

1.           Create template file template from MS.WORD.

Note how the field is created: if the field has the date keyword, the field format is datetime: time,

If the field has an ID or num, the field is number: number.

Without the above 2 characters, it is a character string (char).

If there is an *, it is required.

The field is in 2 characters [[and]].

For example: [[Ho Ten]]

Or [[Birthday (date)]]

Or [[amount (num) *]], [[customer id *]] -> numeric types and input requirements

The sample text is as follows:

2.           Save the file as * .mht from word:

3.           Create a record and Push the file onto the system for approval:

Go to the "File ISO" module, call the "Template" menu and select the new "create" button:

Screen to create new ISO file as follows:

Full update of information:





Upload the * .mht file to the system.

And click on "Save" and select "Confirrm" to approve.

4.           Browse and publish using form templates.

The manager selects the record to be browsed and clicks on "Done" so that the record officially changes to approval status and can be used.


Steps to fill out and use the form:

1.   Search for the ISO file form to use

Users find the form to use and click on "view record" to fill out the information.

2.   Enter the corresponding record information form :

3.   Please approve.

4.   Export and print if needed.

Click on "Export to file" if you need a standard form.

There is a form template file as follows:


Most of the files are

  Copyright (c) 2012-2020 SYSJSC Company Limited 

Many files also contain contributions from third
parties. In this case the original copyright of
the contributions can be traced through the
history of the source version control system.

When that is not the case, the files contain a prominent
notice stating the original copyright and applicable
license, or come with their own dedicated COPYRIGHT
and/or LICENSE file.

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